Outsourcing medical peer review is a practical option because it brings many valuable benefits. You stand to save considerable time as well as cost, apart from benefiting from a stress-free workspace.

The term “outsourcing” comes always accompanied by a number of questions – whether it is advisable, whether it is worthwhile and whether it is practical among many others. Many concerns regarding outsourcing are correct unless you are associating with a reputable service provider. You recruit in-house staff to take care of various tasks in your office, and you take special care to ensure that the people you welcome into your workspace are reliable. Recruiting an external agency is no different. Make sure that your provider has integrity and can work alongside you, offering dedicated services. One field where outsourcing is a practical option is that of medical peer review. If you are a peer review physician, insurance company, lawyer involved in medical litigation, or a chart review company, you may require peer review solution.

Time and Cost Savings with Medical Record Review and Peer Review Services

Perhaps you have an in-house team to take care of the peer review process, but you may be looking for some support with backlogged cases or overflow. In such an instance, the services of a dependable review services company can be utilized effectively. One of the challenges in the peer review process is the review of the medical records pertaining to an injury or condition in question. A good medical review firm will be able to handle these with ease.

  • Medical record organization: the medical records are organized, imaged and indexed in the preferred format
  • Medical case chronology: all relevant medical records for the treatment in question are analyzed, listed and summarized. A clear chronology is established of the various medical encounters.
  • Medical case history and summary: important facts are extracted from the records and analyzed to prepare the peer review.

As a valued client, you benefit from streamlined medical record review and valuable time and cost savings.

Medical Peer Review Services Help Improve In-house Efficiency

When the labor-intensive review process is outsourced, your office staff benefit from more quality time to devote to other core activities that would do well with personal attention. When in-house staff is stress-free, efficiency and productivity automatically increase, benefiting your business in every way. Outsourcing medical peer review is a best practice to be followed, it is advisable and practical. As the beneficiary, your onus is to ensure that the provider is trustworthy and competent. It is best to have a tie-up with an outsourcing firm that can provide round-the-clock service. Look for one that is based on U.S. soil with dedicated facilities in reliable offshore destinations. Such an association is ideal if you wish to receive timely and cost-effective support.

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Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) comprehensive and advanced medical reviews provider to the medico-legal industry with customized peer reviews for major medical specialties and subspecialties. Medical peer review services for the medico-legal industry help to determine the medical necessity of particular treatments.