Is Overweight the Reason of You Anxiety?

There is certainly a strong relationship between anxiety and overweight. If your weight is the source of anxiety, you can know that overweight does not have to cause you bad feelings. As you also know, your mind is very powerful. It has the power to let you overcome both, your anxiety and your overweight! How, you may ask? There are mental programs that help you program your mind. They can help you get to slim, they can help you get rid of anxiety. These programs are based on Neuro Linguistic Programming, that is the programming of your mind. You will see that these programs are very helpful and powerful. Your mind can get rid of old and useless patterns that are encrypted in your brain and it can be programmed to change patterns for the better.
Overweight is certainly not good for your health. There are many dangers in heavy weight.
Most diet plans are not for the long run.
A good diet is only good if it helps you to change your habits. The human being is often ruled by habits and some people find it difficult to change them, especially when they have to change eating habits. However, that is where most bad habits are found. Once you are able to change them into what are healthy habits, you are on your way to a healthy and slimmer body. If you find it difficult to stick to the new rules, you can use mind-changing programs. These programs are a great help because they also help you stay with a diet that is good for you. Then you start seeing results. You start to feel better. Feeling better will motivate you to go ahead , to continue and stay with your diet and to change your eating habits. You will agree that, once you feel better and your weight gets lower, your anxiety will also get less and finally disappear. To change habits of all kinds, it takes 21 days. In your case, you will change your eating habits and have immediate benefits. These benefits will be on various levels. First of all, you will feel how your weight diminishes. You will feel better physically and mentally as you see how the reason of your anxiety vanishes.
If you do not feel to adapt one of these programs on your own, find yourself a coach who will accompany you on your journey towards your ideal weight and towards your anxiety-free life. Most programs are, however, built in a way that a person can trust them and trust him/herself. You will see joy return to your life. That is a new feeling of a better life in all senses. A feeling and emotion that will accompany you in your new life is certainly gratitude. This is also a life changing attitude and not only an emotion. It can stay with you all life long, if you let it. And it comes along with your better look, with your feeling better and with your no longer fighting anxiety.

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I am a Swiss translator and coach, public speaker and trainer in EFT, SpringForestQiGong, EmoTrance, Remap and LOA and my aim is to help people overcome their anxiety and related problems.