When I was working with a therapist in 2007, I thought that I was working through lot of pain that was from my past lives. However, after working through this pain, my life didn’t really change.

As time went by I came to believe that dealing with past life issues was a waste of time and I ended up focusing on what I had gone through in this life. About seven years after this, I ended up looking into this area again.

A Seemingly Random Encounter

At the end of 2014 I met someone called Ian Baillie, and this was someone who knew all about past lives. It didn’t take long for him to come up with a life that I had had in the past and as time went by, he shared other lives that I had had.

It became clear that he had ability to tune into what someone had been through in the past. I was slightly sceptical at this point, but I was open minded and willing to hear about what he had to say.

One Life

Through spending more time with Ian, and becoming good friends with him in the process, I started to open up more to what he was talking about. When it came to the last life I had, he said that I was around during the Vietnam War and that I was killed fighting in this war.

When I thought about this it made a lot of sense as when I had a load of trauma come up to the surface around 2011, I felt as though I was in a war zone. Even so, I put this down to the fact that I grew up in a very unstable environment.

The Obvious Reason

I had spent years looking into the effect that my childhood years had on me and seeing this time in my life as the reason why I felt so traumatised made sense. If my early years were very nurturing and supportive, I would have most likely have believed that what I went through was the result of the last life I had.

After this, I continued to work through the layers of pain that were within me and I didn’t think much about this past life. A few years later, my attention was directed back to this area when I was looking through a book that went into the effect that past lives can have on someone.

Another Look

In a way, it was as if I was being encouraged to look into this area again and to see something that I had not yet seen. I thought about having a past life regression session but that was as far as it went.

I had got to the point where I felt that I could do this work on myself and no longer felt the need to look outside of myself for assistance. So, instead of having one of these sessions, I continued to do inner child work on myself.

I Went Deeper

When I do this work on myself I usually connect to a part of me that is in pain due to being neglected and I end up grieving these unmet needs. But when I did this on another occasion, I connected to a part of me that was very different.

This part of me wasn’t sad that his needs were not met, it was sad that he couldn’t finish what he started. From the outside he looked like a child, but from what he was saying it was as though he was an adult.

Another Life

From what this part of me was saying and based on how he felt, it was like one moment he was in one life and in another moment he was in another life. Along with this, this part of me felt didn’t feel safe.

I ended up thinking about how frustrating it must be to go from one life to another as there is nothing that this part of our being can do; that is, of course, unless we are brought up by people who are deeply in tune with themselves. Firstly, we can go from being a capable adult to being powerless baby and, secondly, there is no way for us to communicate with our caregivers.

Very Deceptive

This part of me didn’t see my caregivers as my mother and father; he just saw them as being people were there to look after him. And because of what it was like for him last time and how fearful he was, he wanted to protect them.

How he looked from the outside was then nothing like what was going on for him on the inside. The only option I had was to allow this part of me to grieve what had been lost; in the same way that I would do this for my inner child.

Final Thoughts

I came to see that my early environment was merely a continuation of what this last life was like. What I had been through in this life played a part in how I felt and what I had been through before also played a part.

Perhaps you sense that what happened in a past life is impacting your present life or maybe this is not something you have thought about before. My advice would be to keep an open mind and to see what you find.

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