The more important a goal or an action is to you and the more important the goal or action is to your natural or essential self, the more resistance you will feel when you pursue that goal or action.

Resistance is always with us. Like fear, love, joy, sorrow,..... resistance is a part of who we are. Resistance is that voice inside our head that tells us we can't do something because we aren't smart enough, don't know enough, aren't prepared enough....that no one will buy our service or like our product or like us. Resistance dampens our spirit and weakens our resolve.

The funny thing about resistance though, is that it always arrives second. It is never the first thought we have about something. The idea, the positive thought, always arrives first.

We begin changing our lives or doing something different by working on the idea or the dream and on creating a plan that will bring our idea or dream to life. Then just when we are at the point of getting really excited about what we are doing, that is when resistance appears. First as a subtle feeling of doubt, then as direct negative thoughts that stall us in our tracks and either sends us off to do more and more and more and more research, or by shutting down the idea or plan or dream all together by convincing us that we cannot possibly accomplish any of what we want to do.

Have you ever had that happen to you?

I have it happen to me all the time.

Sometimes, it's easy to ignore Resistance or put it in it's place and carry on towards fulfilling your idea or carrying out your plan or bringing your dream to reality. But when what you are after is important to you, when your dream or idea or plan is a part of your natural or essential self, that's when resistance will be at it's most convincing and it's most effective self. It is exactly these times when you need to resist resistance, to break your way through resistance and go after what you want full tilt, no holds barred.

Below are 7 effective resistance busters that you can use any time you find yourself up against a powerful wall of resistance:

1. trust yourself. You know, deep down in your soul, what you want, why you want it, and when you are on the right track to be living your best natural life. Remind yourself of this, no....convince yourself of this every time you feel resistance creeping into your thoughts.

2. believe in the unbelievable. Dreams do come true, people do live similar lifestyles to the one you are longing for, to the one you are trying to create for yourself. Read their biographies, follow their blogs, stay motivated. What you are trying to accomplish can be done!!

3. listen to your self-talk. Be aware of what you are saying to yourself and stop yourself from saying negative things about what you are trying to accomplish. Every time you 'hear' negative thoughts, replace them with a positive affirmation. You would be amazed at how much self-talk goes on inside of every one's head. Make the best of it by getting your self-talk on your side supporting you and everything you are trying to accomplish.

4. get your ideas down on paper. Start a vision board or, better yet, a multimedia vision journal with pictures and your journaling all in one place. Vision journals that contain pictures of what your dreams are and what your goals look like, coupled with your writing about what those goals and dreams feel like as if you were really, truly living them right now, this very minute, can be a very powerful resistance buster.

5. get in touch with your body compass. Your body is an amazing compass that will keep you on track to your best natural lifestyle, despite what your resistance is trying to tell you. Listen to your body. When your thoughts and ideas are not what is best for you, you will feel a negative feeling somewhere in your body - for example your stomach might feel queasy, or your heart might feel black and heavy, or your whole body might feel heavy or shaky or nervous all over. Your body will also tell you when you are on the right track and when you are following your best natural path - your body might feel light, open, excited, tingly, full of joy, etc. Listen to your body, identify what feelings it sends you when you are on the right track and what feelings it sends you when you are heading in the wrong direction, then use this knowledge to bust through any resistance you might feel.

6. find support you can trust. Assistance, in the form of a friend, relative or life coach, who can assist you unconditionally and without any bias towards their own agenda or desires, can be worth their weight in gold at helping you bust through resistance and get on with creating and living your best life.

7. keep trying. The more success you have with busting through resistance when it gets in your way, the more you will learn to cope with resistance when it returns....and it will return every time you are working towards accomplishing something fantastic in your life.

Author's Bio: 

Hi, I am Anne Bolender, a Life Strategist, traveller, writer, photographer who coaches individuals that are interested in designing their ideal work/life style – one that allows them the opportunity to live anywhere they want to while working in their ideal, self-created lifestyle career. Through my Ageless Nomads website,, I offer tips, advice, worksheets and coaching services to individuals interested in this live and work anywhere lifestyle.