You can find out why Rocket Spanish is worth your time and money by reading this short Rocket Spanish review. In this short article, I am going to cover the key features that are found in this language learning software. These features include the learning levels in which this software program has been designed to teach, the games offered in this software, and some of its additional features.

Student Knowledge Level:

Rocket Spanish is a unique software program in regards to the fact that it can teach individuals Spanish who are at different learning levels. This program has been designed to effectively teach people who are beginners, intermediates, and advanced Spanish students. If you are a beginner student then you need to take Mauricio's advice (the designer of the course) and study the Mega Verbs game last. The Mega Verbs game contains hundreds of different verbs for you to learn and if you try to tackle this game to begin with then you will most likely get very stressed out. Stress and learning do not go very well together and this will impede your ability to learn Spanish in an effective manner. Mauricio knows that learning a language may not be the easiest task to succeed at so he has added a little fun to the process.


The fun that comes in the Rocket Spanish package includes three games called Mega Verbs, Mega Vocab, and Mega Audio. Each game focuses on specific learning areas and you can probably guess which area each game focuses on from the name of each game. The Mega Vocab game comes with over a thousand different vocabulary words and you can add your own vocabulary words to this list at any time. The Mega Audio game is also similar to the Mega Vocab game in how the games are played. With the Mega Audio game you will hear a short Spanish audio file and then see several different pictures. You will then select which picture represents the audio file that you just heard. The Mega Verbs game is the hardest game to learn but understanding verbs and how they are represented in their various tenses is really crucial to becoming fluent in Spanish. The set up for this game starts out with showing you a verb and the tense that you need to conjugate it into. You will get credit by conjugating the verb into the correct tense. Basically, these games allow you to compete against yourself or friends and improve your scores over time.

Additional Rocket Spanish Features:

In this Rocket Spanish Review, you should know that Rocket Spanish also has a really great customer support staff. You can have your questions answered right away by using their phone support or you can use the email support, if you are not in a big rush to have your question answered. It takes about 24 hours to get a response when using the email support option and I have had to wait for about 48 hours. So expect to have your question answered within two days. In addition, you can choose which format that you want the product to be in. These formats vary in price and include the downloadable and hard copy formats. The last thing that I am going to cover in this Rocket Spanish review is the operating systems that Rocket Spanish operates with. This language learning software operates on Macs, Windows, Unix, and Linux. There is no other software program that is designed to help you learn Spanish that has this range of operating system compatibility!

Short Review:

I hope this Rocket Spanish Review has been very helpful and that you found out that Rocket Spanish has been designed to teach people at any level in their language knowledge. In addition, that it comes with three learning games, has great customer support, and has great operating system compatibility. This language learning software also comes with no worries through the money back guarantee that is valid for the first 60 days after purchase.

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