I’ve been a RS player for 5 years, and in the game there are several girls who are quite close and talkative to me.

In real life, I don’t have a girlfriend. My elder brother suggested me to date with one from my RS female friend. And I think it is may be too impulsive. The Runescape relationship? I heard too much, no matter your level in cheap runescape accounts, always ends with heart-broken.

The first story is about a dissocial American college student who named Adam. He met a German girl in the game and fell in love with that girl. He is closer with the girl than his parents. One time, he just found the girl had been off-line for a week. Then he called the girl, unfortunately he found out that the girl get cancer and lived in hospital. He wanted to drop out and go to her place. Then he told his parent his idea, of course, they have a severe fight.

Anyway, the boy made the decision and stayed with the girl till her death. I don’t know this belongs to real relationship or impulse. Maybe I am just too realistic in relationship.

Another story I heard is crueler. Tom and Susan get a real good marriage. Unless it seems good, they got a large villa, good jobs and two cute kids. The only unhappiness to the family is that Tom just spent too much time in RS and he doesn’t notice that there are too many websites have runescape accounts for sale. One day, Tom told his wife that he will be in a long business trip to Japan. Will take months. But several days later Susan got a call from Chicago police, that the luggage of his husband lost there. Susan went there and checked his stuff. Then called Tom for a explanation. Tom finally confirmed that he was with another woman he met in RS. Susan wanted a divorce, but Tom just begged for forgiveness. While she is indecisive, the woman came her working place told her that she was pregnant. Such harassment took place for several times. It is too much for Susan. And finally she divorced with her husband. A good marriage was ended in RS. Should I say so?

Back to my story. I am a lazy guy and a little fat, quite shy and speechless with woman in real life. But making a RS girl friend into a real girl friend? This is also too much risky to me, no matter how good she is.

Assuming that both of us have an addiction to runescape and spend too much time on games, because it is a truly huge game indeed, and there are a lot of time sinks. In this case, it will bring some serious consequences. We have no time to communicate, to chat, to love, and we will lose our love finally…

This is too terrible and I can’t imagine! What do you think the RS relationship?

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