Saturn is Saturn - there is no partiality - people have crazy ideas about Saturn - that Saturn in Libra will be sweet than Saturn in Aries - the reality is something else. And the reality is - Saturn is Saturn - HE is here to do his job - just because of your Libra Saturn you will get favors from Saturn is imaginary - there is no partiality - you will be rewarded or punished as per the quality of your KARMA.

Aspects of Saturn are more significant than Saturn’s placement. A man or woman with second house Saturn - will not fall short of money but rather is burned out of all happiness derived through the mother - either the mother is absent or the house owner is not seen - a person usually spends more years of life in a rented apartment - or is always shifting due to transfer orders and so on - so generally the 4th house matters suffer than the 2nd house where Saturn is placed. However, there are always variations considering other planet aspects to the 4th house.

Saturn Mahadasha - Saturn Aspect - Saturn Transit - all these movements of Saturn - are neither good nor bad - they solely depend on the quality of your KARMA!

For instance - a man until his 40s - had immense pleasures of all kinds - you name it and he has done it - too much of sex, smoking, drinking, traveling across the globe - everything - was enjoyed - until his Saturn period begins - then in Saturn Mahadasha - let's say for him Saturn is the ruler of fifth and sixth - he was totally captured in the unending cycle of many health issues - even speculative ventures, investments went for a toss - because Saturn is retrograde - some relief - else this could have been worse. So SATURN simply triggers the results of your *accumulated* Karma - when SATURN MAHADASHA begins - remember you will be judged and the ‘sentence’ will be given based on whatever KARMA you have accumulated till this point of life. If the quality of Karma is good - you will be provided with all the positive results of Lord Saturn - if the quality of Karma is bad - you will be taken into ‘police custody’!

A woman had Taurus Moon and Taurus Ascendant - her Saturn was placed in the 4th house with RAHU - in complete conjunction. Many pundit and scholars told her that as soon as her Saturn Dasha starts - she will have a great life - all pleasures would be at her feet, she will have great happiness - and when she asked - “How come?” then all these pundits and astrologers told her “ because Saturn is yoga karaka for Taurus ascendant - so just relax and be assured - you are in for a great time ahead.”

This woman was very happy to hear, she relaxed. And then after few months - her SATURN Mahadasha begin - and the first stroke was her job - she became jobless - her mother died, her daughter started creating many troubles for her - her life was in a total mess - she became very obsessed with accumulating properties - and in this obsession, she ended with many wrong decisions and got stuck with some bad properties.

SATURN + RAHU - is very evil conjunction - it is a perfect combination that shows you a perfect hypocrite! One who says something before you and does something else - behind your back. She will say she never cheats and she is the QUEEN of CHEATS! She will say she doesn’t know what is black magic - and she will be the one who is passionately indulged in doing black magic - behind your back! So such individuals are CURSED by many good - powerful - holy souls. Such women or men are deeply under the negative influence of RAHU - men and women with this conjunction are very bad at making good judgments - they often end up messing their own life and others' life due to their immature, negative outlook towards life. When SATURN is eclipsed by RAHU - you have a split personality person - and such a person is also extremely secretive - he or she says something and does something - there is no synchronization in their character - they don’t walk the talk - and so their life is often filled with many miseries and problems.

You become miserable when there is no synchronization in what you say - what you do and what you feel!

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is an expert Indian astrologer having 40 years of experience in astrology.