Pregnancy is the time when a woman learns to become a mother, makes a safe haven for the baby in her womb. This is also the time when the mother-to-be goes through several difficulties, but smart women, find their way for relaxation. Sauna pregnancy second trimester is one of it.

Hot tubs can have a very soothing effect on your aching muscles, and you will feel very relaxed after a long day, and especially when you are expecting. However, if you use a bathtub filled with hot water, which cools down after a certain time, in case of a sauna, the water stays hot. The limit of the heat should be normally 100 degrees, but in hot tubs, it remains 104. This very thing can have a negative effect on a mother-to-be who is in their first trimester. Here we have covered the topic for your convenience.

The link with pregnant women
There are so many studies that have depicted that there is a connection where the maternal body gets affected by hot tub or sauna and the birth can be defective as well.
In the researches, it has been found that in the first trimester, the risk is higher, and the birth defect can be, in the spinal cord, and brain. In other studies, it has been found that sauna can lead towards miscarriage as well.

The apparent issue
The issue can arise from hot tub for pregnant mothers, is they might feel dehydrated, and they will not realize it, but there are sure shot chances. On the other hand, she can get the feeling of faint. You know that during pregnancy the changes in hormones start in a larger way, which is also the reason the body temperature gets boosted. If you are pregnant and not drinking enough water, then you will feel physical discomforts, such as fainting and dehydration, and this will happen when your body gets in touch with a higher temperature.

Doctors and experts always suggest expecting mothers to avoid sauna during the first trimester. They can easily have the same after that time is passed and it will be no issue when you go for, sauna pregnancy third trimester. However, if you are feeling the urge to go into the hot tub during this time, then you have to remember some rules for it.

• You must not stay in the sauna or hot tub not longer than ten minutes.

• You must avoid the source of the hot water in hot tubs, as the temperature is higher there, you must refrain from it.

• You have to get out if you feel discomfort

• Must not use a hot tub or sauna if you already don’t feel alright, especially, if you might have a higher temperature due to a fever.

• You must avoid visiting a hot tub or the sauna after an exercise session, because, exercise can also raise your body temperature.

• Make sure to discuss exercise during pregnancy, and don’t forget to bring the topic of sauna use with your healthcare provider.

As an expecting mother, your goal is to have safe childbirth, and for that, you have to take all the possible measures. Take a note from the above topic and understand the rules properly for sauna, at this period.

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