Is She A Virgin? How To Know If A Girl Is Virgin - How To Identify Virgin And Non-Virgin

You see a beautiful girl and you may ask how can you tell if she's a virgin. The truth is, there is no way to tell if she is a virgin. However, over the years, there have been many misconceptions and silly myths that have spread claiming that you can tell if a girl is a virgin or not. Supposedly you can tell if she's a virgin because she'll be lacking that certain non-virgin look. What surprises many is that most "signs" she is a virgin are not very dependable:

One common myth that people ascribe to virginity is that her breasts change after sex. For example, some claim that their breasts point outward more or that one breast might be plumper because she has not had sex yet. A possible source of this belief is the change that happens when a woman is pregnant or reaching puberty but, outside of these contexts, such transformations are entirely fictional. Many of these myths date back to times when people were more concerned about a woman's virginity staying intact and used physical differences as an excuse to label certain women sluts. Seriously guys, how is having sex going to make her breasts more symmetrical? The human body isn't perfectly symmetrical. In fact when people are shown face that are a mirror image of only one side of a face, they are creeped out. We aren't attracted to perfect symmetry, so enjoy the little quirks in a person's appearance, they are what makes them unique.

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Similarly people have falsely pointed to other physical changes as evidence. Somehow people have connected flat backs with sex. This one is just ridiculous, since as women age, they many gain a little extra booty. When a girl loses her virginity, she doesn't morph into a new body, she's just had sex. Similarly, clear and sparkly urine has been targeted as proof of virginity. Gentlemen, an important point to go over here. Neither virgin nor non-virgins are bottles of champagne. If a woman really has sparkling urine she needs to go to the doctor asap.

My favorite myths have to do with appearance. You may hear a friend say that women have that sexy "Certain kind of look" when she has not been deflowered. Some even go so far as to suggest such specifics as the girl losing eyebrow hair. There is a grain of truth in this myth. A woman who has had sex may radiate a more sexual vibe, something that really isn't possible for people who have never experienced sexuality. But it is quite possible to have experienced lots of sexual passion without having sexual intercourse. Her hymen might be intact but she could still radiate that sex kitten vibe.

Similarly, changes in places such as the eyebrows probably have nothing to do with the sexual activity and everything to do with grooming. When a girl is sexually active or thinking about becoming sexually active, she will start to pay more attention to her appearance. One of the first things they do is to go get their eyebrows waxed. There's nothing to stop a girl with a unibrow from having lots of sex. Plus, naturally thin eyebrows are genetic and have nothing to do with having sex for the first time.

Finally, the last sets of misconceptions revolve around a girl's hymen. One of the more unfounded myths is that how a girl walks changes when her hymen has broken. This rumor started because many girls who ride horses tear their hymens while riding, so even though they are still virgins, they do not appear to be. The way she walks with her legs farther apart is a side effect of horse riding, nothing more. One of the truer misconceptions is that a virgin will bleed when she has sex for the first time. While this is often the case, its not always true. When a girl has sex for the first time, her hymen, the thin membrane covering the opening of a woman's vagina, will be torn by the penetration of an erect penis, assuming it hasn't been torn by some other non-sexual activity. When the hymen is torn, it bleeds. But many activities can tear the hymen, cycling, ballet, horseback riding, and many more. It's even possible for a hymen to tear as the result of a car accident.

Only a doctor can really confirm virginity by affirming the presence of an intact hymen. A physician can tell if this hymen was torn by a penetrating penis or excessive exercise.

So what is the BEST way to find out if she is a virgin? ASK AND HOPE FOR AN HONEST ANSWER!

But truth be told, you should be asking yourself if it really matters whether she's a virgin or not. The biggest myth about virginity is that being a virgin or non-virgin says something about who a person is, it doesn't. Having sex doesn't change you in any way, but it does open up your eyes to a new world of experiences.

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Sex is a pleasure enjoyed by two people when both parties want to do it. There are times, however, when one partner initiates the act while the other is not in the mood at that particular time or moment.

There are times when one partner is particularly too tired to cope with the act and so fails to live up to the expectations of the other and actually does not manage to make the woman orgasm.

Your partner initiates the act- When your partner initiates the act and you are not quite in the mood do not show this, as it will put her off at once.

Neither should you display disinterest while doing it as this too can turn a woman off in bed. Do not show that you are doing it just to satisfy her as this is very un-complimenting.

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Do not make the act boring- Never keep on at one kind of movement continuously without a change. The fact that you are keeping on at the same movement shows disinterest.

Always bring in variation and change when stimulating any one part of the body.

Do not make a beeline for the main act- Never make a beeline for the main act while leaving out all the preliminaries. To a woman lovemaking is sacrosanct and so she likes it to take a natural course of arousal.

It is important to her to be aroused gradually and brought to a level to feel in the mood for love. She needs her love buds to bloom.

When men actually fall asleep while stimulating the woman- Sometimes the man actually dozes off or snoozes while in the process of stimulating a woman. This is the last thing that a woman can take when being made love to.

Arouse yourself mentally and bring your self to be in the mood for the lovemaking session before she gets turned off by you.

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The first thing that needs to be done when attempting to get a woman to reach the peak of pleasure in bed would be to ensure that she is completely comfortable. Yes, this is how easy things are and there would be no need to make things more complicated in trying to please a woman in the bedroom.

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Method Number One: Sexy Curves. Curved fingers would be all that you need in order to give a woman the initial pleasure wave. Lubricate your fingers before slowly entering her until they are deep within her portal.

Begin by gently rocking in and out and then gently turn your fingers into an upward curve. Do this repeatedly to properly massage her G-spot, which is the extra sensitive tissue that can be found at the top of the vaginal canal. It is not true that thrust depth plays a huge role in pleasuring a woman, by the way.

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It simply has to do with how you move. This alone could bring any woman closer to climax, so ensure that each finger thrust counts.

Method Number Two: Penile Penetration and Simulation. Prior to actually having sex, you need to increase your woman's arousal. This can be done by inserting several fingers into her portal as you caress her clitoris at the same time with your thumb.

Combined finger girths actually have the power to get any woman ready for real penis penetration.

Method Number Three: Increased Comfort Levels. Prior to fully forcing and thrusting yourself into her, you need to check whether she is still feeling comfortable because the relaxed state of a woman during sexual intercourse happens to be a very sensitive thing.

If you have the power to boost her sexual comfort levels, you can bring her much closer to orgasm. Opt for sexual positions that would be comfortable for her, instead of ones that will give her leg cramps. If a woman is not completely relaxed during sex, there is no way she will reach orgasm; remember this.

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