Many believe that with the popularity of smartphones, SMS marketing is slowly fading out. But dismissing the power of sending promotional messages is akin to shooting yourself in the foot. Even with the changing trends in digital marketing, SMS marketing holds its ground firmly. This is one marketing strategy that no industry wants to let go off. But why’s that? Let’s look.

SMS doesn’t require an internet connection

This is the trump card that makes SMS marketing still alive and kicking. Having a smartphone doesn’t mean you always have an internet connection. Moreover, the rate at which network companies are charging for data services makes it an expensive affair for many. But since users don’t need an internet connection to receive an SMS, businesses have the freedom of sending them messages without worrying that their target audience won't receive it just because they're not online. Even if your customers run out of data, they will receive text messages and know the offers on your different products and services.

Send personalized messages

Another crucial factor that allows SMS marketing to combat the forces of digital marketing is to send personalized content to customers. You can search for an SMS service provider that enables you to send personalized messages so you can build a more emotional connection with potential customers. is a SMS messaging provider that you can trust for these services. Customers love text messages where they see exciting offers from companies. Digital marketing is often targeted for the mass audience, and it may not be as personalized as text messages.

Track results immediately

SMS service providers can track critical details like if the message is delivered successfully, the time of the sent messages, if the receiver opened the message, and if there is a reply. These details help improve your marketing strategy. Companies prepare for SMS campaigns for weeks to ensure that they can reach their target audience successfully. As soon as you send out a campaign, you can start tracking results from the replies of the customers. For example, if you send a discount code to the customers, you can track the number of converted sales that took place using that code.

SMS marketing is cost-effective

No matter what marketing strategy you use, at the end of the day you need to calculate the difference between what you invest and what you earn after a promotional campaign. Digital marketing may help to reach millions of target audience, but the amount of money you spend is significantly higher than SMS marketing. The latter is more cost-effective than other promotional methods. Most importantly, you can send not just personalized messages but also bulk messages when necessary. If you want your customers to know about the launch of a new product, for example, sending messages in bulk gives you a higher chance of getting the word out to your target audience.

Mobile technologies will evolve, and there will be innovative digital marketing techniques in the next decade, but nothing can write off the importance of SMS marketing just yet. It will remain as the standalone marketing channel that is not only effective but also saves thousands of bucks that you otherwise would have spent on other promotional methods.

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