In the last years, sound healing becomes, more and more, the number one alternative healing system, and already a part of the mainstream health system, mainly in the western world. There are few reasons for this direction:

1. Healing sound is a very well proved system for healing, supported with endless studies over five decades. The mainstream health system, with the drug companies in front, was blocking sound healing to become a legitimate way of health treatment, since "there is not much money in it". However, slowly, but surely, and with the help of social media, the truth about the efficiency of sound healing are getting through, and cannot be blocked anymore.

2. with the new technologies becoming so handy, every one, almost everywhere, can nowadays download to a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet, any healing sound, in seconds ( No need to go out to a clinic, hospital etc.)

3. New technologies also make it possible to produce very accurate healing sounds to a very large diseases and health phenomena, which makes sound healing a very efficient health technology. (See for example with more than 1,200 healing sounds).

4. The rise of health costs, and health insurances, make healing sound a very humane affordable option. At one can purchase a healing sound for $15 only.

5. The convenience of use makes healing sound ever more an alternative, as one can simply use healing sound at the comfort of one's home, or even while walking in the park. It usually only takes five minutes of listening, two times a day, for a regular healing "dose".

6. Unlike most of conventional health systems, drugs etc. there are no side effects to healing sound.

True, healing sounds cannot replace all health procedures, and sometimes conventional treatment are very much needed, but nevertheless, one can always add healing sound to any conventional treatment.

It need to be said that healing sound companies always emphasize (in detailed disclaimers) that one must not use healing sound as a replacement for any other treatment one was suggested to have, by a physician.

If we look at the future of medicine, it is becoming more and more clear that healing with sound will become a big player, and for many good reasons.

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