Is Telekinesis exists? Is it really possible for everyone to move things just using his/her mind without any physical touch? These are the questions asked by many people who have or have not any idea about mind over matter.

Well, there are many experiments done by research institutes all over the world in order to prove its existence, but those experiments were unable to prove on continuous basis. They were only able to prove under certain conditions and the results shown were more than the probability of chances.

Since no one was able to show the consistent results, many skeptics and magicians do not believe in the ability of telekinesis.

But many people do believe in this ability and there are many books and resources to train telekinesis. The skeptics were unable to believe in this ability because if telekinesis exists, then it will overwrite the laws of physics.

Most of the people say that this ability is existed in every human being, but because of our lifestyle, it became dormant and suppressed. They say each person’s mind has potential to do great things which are unable to be proved by science.

J.B.Rhine was one of the persons who have performed many experiments to prove mind over matter and many other paranormal activities. He is the founder of Duke University. Even at Princeton University, countless experiments were done under controlled conditions which suggest that a phenomenon is possible.

Uri Geller is the person who performed many stage shows and famous for spoon bending abilities. It was claimed that even Uri Geller was caught while doing sleight of hand. But, Uri Geller proved his ability with the objects which were far from him and no evidence of touching them.

Many people and even children caught while cheating their abilities and this caused many skeptics to have disbelief in these abilities even it was proved in some experiments. Also, the experiments were failed when the person showing psychic abilities were stressed and tired.

So, it is still unknown whether telekinesis is possible or not but majority of people do believe in this ability. They believe in order to do telekinesis one must train on daily basis and must believe in themselves.

In recent studies, mind over matter has got attention in U.S. Military Research. They claimed that if this ability if proved, then it can be used in the war to manipulate the opposition team. But, as these abilities were proved only in certain conditions and shows different results in different environmental conditions, this phenomenon cannot be used in the war.

In order to do telekinesis, one needs calm and relaxed mind and this can be achieved by meditation. With meditation, the person can achieve focus and concentration which is the vital factor for any activities using mind power.

Whatever the science says, majority of people still believe that one can move objects by using mind if he or she sincerely do telekinesis training frequently if not daily.

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A C Sekhar is the young author who is interested in psychology and paranormal activities and helps people to train in psychokinesis powers He is the author of two websites and