Nowadays, people sell their CBD products as a miracle medicine for almost all kind of ailments. However, due to its unregulated market and also confusing legal position about CBD products, often it is too confusing to know what exactly you are getting when you order for any CBD based product.

As you all must know CBD is a chemical compound, which is obtained from the cannabis plant that can help us to cure different kinds of ailments like pain, anxiety, sleep related issues and also our immune response. Plenty of research is also going on in parallel and still human trial is needed to conclude the results obtained so far.

In spite of that, CBD has become very popular in the market and presently there are hosts of products available. Therefore, as a buyer you need to understand whether the product you have selected is really genuine or not. 

Few suppliers however show CBD oil reviews on their website like which may not be available from many other suppliers.

Can you really trust the label?

At present, there are no standards available for labelling or even testing various CBD contents. Hence, there exists no authentic way to know whether CBD that you are buying really contains what is being claimed. 

At present no uniform way exists to describe strength or concentration of CBD in the product, as few supplier mentions in terms of percentage, while others use mg per bottle. This makes it difficult to exactly know how much CBD you are taking.

Few CBD oils may contain different cannabinoids too. So as a buyer often you do not know what you should buy to get better results out of the CBD.

Few claims are difficult to verify

As far as the testing of CBD contents are concerned, there is very little consensus about the best method of testing. Few well-known brands however enclose third party lab test report along with their product, but their accuracy and also legitimacy is difficult to ascertain by any general consumer.

Few practical cases are here to cite: 

  • One brand informed us about its product which is formulated differently from others and only with certain specific methods it can be tested, which one can do from certain specific test laboratory. 
  • Another informed us that they found there can always be certain margin of error, so they deliberately add more CBD than what is mentioned in the label to ensure that their products never lack CBD as claimed. 
  • Often levels of THC, which is a banned substance that can get you high may also vary.

Proceed with caution

As CBD is available in many different forms and the regulation of each form may vary from each other. For instance if you buy CBD cream then it will be subjected to as per the regulation of cosmetic products and CBD vape oil will be under the preview of e-cigarette regulation.

Few food items too are available that cannot make any health claim and hence they do not go through any clinical trials like a medicine. Hence, you need to buy these items with caution.

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