The eyebrows occupy a very visible place on the face and are crucial for the appearance of the eye area. They hit the eye and serve as an important aesthetic landmark between the eye and the hairline on the scalp. The significant loss or changes in the density of eyebrow hairs are generally very noticeable and can be quite problematic. While the shapes and styles of the eyebrows change over the years, thin or sparse eyebrows are usually not aesthetically desirable.

Hair transplants on the eyebrows can be done for both men and women. Although it is more common for eyebrows to be lost due to injuries (tears, avulsion, burns), a disease (alopecia areata, triquilomania) or age (thinner hair) you can also be done to improve the aesthetic (thickening eyebrows and / or or tail extension) too. Thin eyebrows in women arise due to an innate slenderness and limited ability to grow or lose eyebrows eyebrow hair due to excessive hair removal.

The tattooing of the lost or thin eyebrows is a very common technique that is simple and quick to do with an immediate result. Unfortunately, eyebrow tattoos often look very unnatural with less than ideal color combinations. Over time, the tattoo often blocks, becomes a blue-black color, which is an even poorer color combination. Eyebrow tattoos are not easily removed and I tend to counteract them. It is better to make hair transplants directly on the tattooed skin.

The transplantation of hair to eyebrows is a more refined technique than that used for hair transplantation in the scalp. It is based on two important principles; Individual follicular grafts and precise placement in the unique shape and orientation of the eyebrows. While the eyebrow area is not large (compared to the scalp), the collection and placement of the individual follicles in the eyebrow is a meticulous process that can last almost as much as the hair transplant sessions scalp.

The location and the correct angle of the hairs are the key to a good transplantation of natural-looking eyebrows. Eyebrows have hair that has unique orientations on different parts of eyebrows. The hair at the top of the eyebrow's center points towards the hair, while the hair on the tail usually points to the ears. The eyebrow hairs are also oriented like a pen with the top of the eyebrow pointing slightly downwards and the bottom slightly upward at a small edge.

Eyebrow hair transplantation may require more than one grafting session for best results. Not all follicles survive completely in each grafting session, and the optimum eyebrow density may require a different set of grafts. My goal is to get the best results in a session, not in two, but the growth and density of the hair transplant is not entirely predictable. The second graft sessions are made for a year after the first to provide optimal time for the hair to grow, and the patient adjusts to changes in the appearance of the eyebrows.

The hair used for the eyebrow transplant comes from the scalp. Because most hair on the scalp is thicker than fine hair on the eyebrows, the donor site is usually taken from the hair in the scalp just behind the ear. The hair scalp in this area is thinner and more suitable for the eyebrows. Generally, each eyebrow requires between 50 and 75 hair transplants, sometimes up to more than 100 per eyebrow, depending on the patient's goals. These hair transplants, like the rest of the scalp, will continue to grow for the rest of your life and should be trimmed regularly. Over time, the hairs of the transplanted scalp will assume some of the characteristics of the eyebrows and the growth will decrease. (Hair growth of the eyebrow is about half the hair on the scalp)

Note that while hair transplantation eyebrows will be immediately after the procedure, the hair attached to the hair follicle will fall. Essentially, follicle transplants are performed and the hair rod is a good handle for placing them. The hair rod loosens quickly and leaves eyebrows as it appeared before the procedure. Hair growth from the follicle will require at least 3 months to be visible again and up to 6 to 9 months to grow and see the final results.
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Hair and Hair hair transplant in Islamabad has the most dedicated staff to treat our respected patients.