If you are suffering from a law of attraction inferiority complex, don’t feel bad, you are not alone!

You have probably heard just think positively and your life will change. You will get the girl or the guy, the great career, the car, the money etc.

And you try to do this for awhile but those pesky thoughts keep creeping in. And then something bad happens and you think- why bother? This is just not working for me. There is something wrong with me. And you end up feeling worse. Like a law of attraction failure!

Well this is a very oversimplified understanding of the Law of. Attraction. Thoughts, beliefs, actions AND your growth and evolution, the reason you are here, plays a huge role in what you attract in your life.

So here’s the truth. You chose your actions based on your beliefs about what you think the meaning is behind the events of your life. The meaning you give these events is determined by your beliefs about yourself and your life. Then your actions determine the future events in your life.
Whew! Confusing right?

Sounds like one big vicious cycle. Well it is and it actually makes a lot of sense.

So when your Dad does not treat you the way you want him to, it means he does not love you so therefore you believe you are un-loveable and therefore you meet men who treat you poorly and therefore you are unable to find love because you believe that you are un-loveable. Or your job stinks and because your job stinks you are miserable but you need your job to live therefore your life is going to miserable if you don’t find a new job. But you can’t find a new job because you are too miserable and tired everyday from the job that stinks and makes you miserable.

So as you can see the law of attraction IS a cycle and it is always working one way or another.

So if you are single and you believe that being single is the cause of your unhappiness and if you only had that true love, you would finally be happy. But guess what, one of the key steps in finding your true love is to be happy first!!!

So now you know how beliefs and thoughts work, here’s where actions come in.

How many times has this happened in your life? You muster up the energy to take action to find your true love. Maybe you start to date online or decide to get involved in that charity organization you have been thinking about. But then, something goes wrong. You meet someone online who rejects you or lies to you. Or the director of the charity event you contact does not need anyone during the days you are available. So you get discouraged and you quit.
What you don’t realize is that this set back actually showed up as your friend. To help you, to teach you something you need to learn so that you CAN accomplish your dreams and your goals.

So instead of getting discouraged and giving up or asking what did I do wrong- instead ask yourself “What do I need to learn? What is my next step.” And then be grateful for the experience and know it was just what you needed to accomplish your goal or meet your true love.

And remember that vicious cycle you just learned about?
Well imagine being caught in a cycle of positivity? Where you felt good most of the time, believed everything was happening for your good and that life was working FOR YOU not against you. What would your life look like then?

Then before you know it, you be happy and engaged in your life. You will accept that invitation to that party, to sign up for that new dating website. And when you least expect it, in a magical way you cannot imagine, you will meet your true love.

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Pamela Vandervoort is a Dating for True Love Expert and for the past five years she has been helping women find true love, create the relationship of their dreams and change their lives. She has her Master’s Degree is Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication studies. www.datingfortruelove.com