You've probably seen the movie The Secret, and chances are if you're reading this article, you're interested in the Law of Attraction. You know that the idea is that like attracts like or that which is like unto itself is drawn. It's a simple concept. The question is this: Is the Law of Attraction the real thing?

I have to say that upon hearing about this, watching The Secret, and learning that some people had great success using this while others did not, I was somewhat skeptical.

I mean it just seems too easy - just focus on what you desire, act and think as if you have it already and just let it happen. Just seems too good to be true, doesn't it?

However, this does parallel with a belief I have, and that is you get what you think about whether you want it or not. What you focus on grows. This makes sense, and I can tell you that it works. I know this for a fact because I used this very principle to turn myself from a very depressed person into an incredibly happy one.

I used to be depressed so often, and I never understood why. Then I happened upon a program called Personal Power by Tony Robbins. Wow, what a fantastic program! It turned my life around.

It taught me to become aware of the thoughts I was having, see which ones were destructive and which ones were supportive. I learned to change the destructive thoughts to constructive ones as well as the beliefs behind the thoughts.

What I didn't realise was this I was using the Law of Attraction all the time, both when I was depressed and after I had shaken the depression by changing my thoughts. All the time, I was getting what I was focusing on! I thought depressing thoughts, I got depressed. I learned to think happy thoughts, I got happy. Really simple concept.

See when you say stuff to yourself like, "I'm no good at this. I can't do this. Why is this happening to me?", you are unwittingly programming your mind to be unsupportive to your future success.

But if you start saying things like, "Okay, how can I use this to improve my life? I might not know how to do this right now, but I know that I have the capacity to learn anything," you empower yourself. As I said before, it is a really simple concept.

The point is that the Law of Attraction is at work all the time whether you're aware of it or believe in it or not. So be careful what you think about!

Author's Bio: 

Dante Petrilla has been studying the success literature for the past decade and used the techniques and skills he learned to turn his own life completely around. He transformed himself from a depressed person to a happy person once he learned to direct the focus of his thoughts and emotions. The one thing he found that made the techniques he learned so effective was the use positive affirmations to install them into everyday thinking. Dante is also a writer who enjoys writing in the personal development area.

Dante is also a memory training expert, and has written the book How to Memorize Anything with The Secret of Your Perfect Memory which is available on Amazon. He is also in the process of turning this into an audio book, which will be available in the near future.

Dante is an AUNLP certified life coach and NLP Master Practitioner, member of the American University of NLP, and also a Global Sciences Foundation member. He is now making a deeper study of NLP in order to implement what he has learned on his journey so that he might impart that knowledge and help others.