The latest trend among entrepreneurs for fast list growth is starting to eat away at the popularity of the traditional telesummit.

It’s the giveaway summit, and you might remember that I offered one a few months ago.

They’re win-win-win scenarios for your fans, partners and your business, so read on to see if a giveaway summit is perfect for you…

They take less time than telesummits.

Because you don’t need to record interviews, giveaway summits will save you some time. But keep in mind, they still require a good deal of back end set up, working with your partners, and promoting.

Everyone opts into the host’s list.

If you’re the organizer, you’ll have an opt-in set up on the landing page, and in order to reach all of the giveaway offers, participants must opt into your list.

That does not mean they opt into all your partners’ lists. Participants pick and choose which offers they want, and only opt into those experts’ lists individually.

It works best with great giveaways.

The better the free offers and the better the experts, the better the list growth and the happier everyone will be. Coach your experts to provide really enticing value in their free offers.

There’s strength in numbers.

Unlike with telesummits, where you need to find the sweet spot of the right number of interviews without being too many to manage and overwhelming your participants, the more the merrier with giveaway summits. Having an abundance of offers will require a little more time investment on your part, but it will pay off in the end.

Just like with telesummits, give your business experts swipe copy so they can easily promote, and require them to send out a solo mailer or two.

Choose your partners wisely.

What makes or breaks summits like these is the business experts you feature on them. Start by developing an ‘ask list’ of experts around a general topic or theme. If you have two health coaches and six business coaches say yes to your offer, there won’t be any uniformity to the summit and people won’t know why they should opt in. At the same time, make sure there is some diversity, so everyone isn’t offering the exact same free gifts.

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