In my opinion, personal training is a business, and every business is a good business.

It depends on how you run it.

Let's look at the current situation in this fitness industry.The personal training industry is WAY too easy to get into.

You can go take a weekend course, or worse, a single-day course, and walk out with a certification.and start posting shit about how good u are.

Is this necessarily bad? Not really. Some of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with don’t even have any certifications.

People have been coaches for years, they do their own study, research and they need a certification only as a formality.In this case, then a one-day course is perfect.

The problem is that any bro who thinks they know about working out, just because they go to the gym, have a big chest and chicken leg, can also get certified in one day, and start training people, and start showing off their big arms.

Training people is more than making them sweat - you are literally taking their health and wellbeing into your hands. I always put myself in a way that, I am better than a doctor. A doctor works on the cure side, and as a coach, I am working on the prevention side.

I prevent people to get diseases that caused by obesity or overweight by designing a great weight management programme. I prevent my athlete from all injury, by designing a good conditioning programme.

So, to that end, there are many, many trainers out there, but a whole lot aren’t very good.And I really mean it.
If you are good, or have a lot of higher education and actually understand anatomy, physiology, functional anatomy, biomechanics, advanced nutrition, movement systems, and more, you’ll stand out above the competition.

So, the training industry is Oversaturated but with low quality. If you want to be good, get your hands dirty,
study and learn as much as you can .the cream always rises to the top eventually.


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