It may be a little overdue, but the Casper Mattress has expanded its range. The original is now the medium, middle-ground option. On one side there is the smaller, cheaper Casper Essential. On the other is the more significant, pricier Casper Wave. There was a point where everyone that loved Casper’s comfort levels assumed that this was as good as it got. This was a mattress with great padding in different layers and convenient design. The arrival of the Casper Wave changes things slightly. This model brings a whole new layer to the equation. As a result, some Casper mattress fans now question whether it is worth upgrading. Is the Wave the best online mattress, or should users stick with the original?

The benefits of this new Casper Wave lie within the extra layer and holes.

The crucial difference between this Wave and the standard Casper mattress is that there is an extra layer. This means that there is a higher range of materials within the mattress for improved comfort. It starts with a hypersensitive top segment and ends with a latex one. This should mean more excellent support, and this mattress is firmer than the previous model.
There is also the odd design of the holes in the layers. These holes should provide more support for essential areas, such as shoulders and legs. This design should align the spine and skeleton in a way that alleviates pressure and helps any conditions. The problem is that this design will always suit some people better than others. On the plus side, the strength in these channels should add some rigidity and durability for long-term support.

There are still drawbacks here with the size and cost.

There is a basic rule with these Casper mattresses. The more foam layers that buyers want, the larger the product and the bigger the price tag. This means that this new Casper Wave is quite an investment for new buyers. The original Casper costs $995 for a Queen. Consumers have to pay almost double that for the Wave Queen, which is $1,850. This ratio continues with the King - $1,195 for the original and $2,250 for the Wave. A bigger mattress also means a bigger box to ship it in. This can be a little cumbersome for some users that buy Casper for the ease of use.

Is the Casper Wave now the best online mattress?

Some people will love this Wave mattress and believe that the price is justifiable. These users are most likely to be those that struggle with the limited cushioning on the standard Casper mattress. This new layer can provide a lot of support to the right user. Still, there will be those that find it all a bit too expensive for minimal improvement. This is where that 100-day trial is so important. This is a feature that stays the same regardless of the size of the mattress. New buyers should take the time to test out this Wave and make the most of that period. For more information, you can check out this link:

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