The entire world is buzzing about 12-12-12. The Mayans have already predicted it to be the end of the world and the beginning of a new cycle of evolution for our planet. A few other races and/or religions have also predicted the closing of one chapter and a shift in the existence of mankind around this same time. And if all of them are to be believed, then we are definitely ‘in’ for asignificant evolutionary leap.

But the question that still remains is that: Will the world actually come to an end on 12-12-12? Let us find out what is it about 12-12-12 that is making this date so special and significant in the history of planet earth.

What does Numerology say?

As per numerology, the sum total of the date 12-12-2012 turns out to be 11. Now the number 11 is known as the ‘Life Path’ in an individual’s chart. But what makes this date extra-special than 11-11-11 or 20-12-2012 is its combination with the second, main and fourth challenge of 2. It is this unique combination that not only enhances the sensitivity of an individual to a never-before-reached level but also gives them an insight to look beyond the obvious and carve-out a path full of love, peace and brotherhood.

12-12-12 is not about the end of humanity or the planet earth but the evolution of a new realm of possibilities; an entirely new and fresh beginning of mankind. It is actually an opportunity for ‘us’ to unite and create a new world, collectively. This is more about realising our power to create a new world full of love and brotherhood, and should be considered as a bringer of peace rather than one of death and destruction.

Time to Get Married!

While some people are busy contemplating what will eventually happen on 12-12-12, some others are busy getting hooked for life! Many couples consider the date to be extremely unique and lucky as it happens to be the last sequential date of this century, and hence are flocking the courts to get married to their beloved. In fact, this date has kind of created a marriage boom in countries like Hong Kong and Singapore. Couples are actually rushing to tie the knot on this date as it is also considered to be highly auspicious, acoording to astrology.

NASA Rubbishes The Speculations

What will then eventually happen on 12-12-12? If the highly intellectual and learned scientists of NASA were anyone to be believed in, then the world is not going to end on 12-12-12. According to them, there is no such planet called Nibiru or Planet X which is going to collide with planet earth and destroy it. The speculations circulating about the galactic alignment of Earth and Sun with the Milky Way being the reason of the end of this world has also been rubbished by NASA as an annual celestial event of negligible consequence.

So, even though the significance of the date 12-12-12 cannot be negated, yet it would be safe to conclude that the world is not going to end on this date. Rather, it would be good for humanity, and the planet earth, if we take this date as an opportunity to start a new world full of peace, love and brotherhood.

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