People ask me all the time if I am going to let in anything that’s bad. Well, first of all, bad is in the eye of the beholder.

Am I going to let in demons, goblins or ghouls when I work with you?….no! Absolutely not!

The reality tho, is they exist. So how do you keep them at bay? Lower vibrations do lurk in the shadows. They do wait for the innocent to fall prey to them. The young promising law student who turns into a bad egg, The drug addicts, the domestic violence issues. These can all be attributed to mental illness, bad company and so much more. However, the “so much more” is what no one wants to talk about.

If there are higher vibrations likewise there are lower. They are ugly beasts that can be mostly combated by attitude and strength of being.

Those who have worked with lower energies like medicine people and shaman are always cautious and treat these situations like working with a wild animal who is cornered. However, those who are adept at these matters, what are known as removals, are well aware that most times lower energy “beings”, not always demonic, most times seem to think they know more than they do.

It’s also fairly easy to suss one out. Phone call comes in, the house is haunted…The first thing we do is ask a series of questions beginning with…are you or any of the people in your household taking illicit drugs or medications that can cause hallucinations.

No one wants to waste their time with what I call Lou Lou’s, so this part of the process is quite important. Once it is determined that there is a real issue then a house visit will occur. The obvious signs become the state of the house and the people in it. Fairly successful middle class people all of a sudden experience discord, are Sickly, unkempt and the dead give away…walk into the house and the energy worker has a headache and nausea. Suck it up buttercup! Time to get to work!

Depending on the culture of the worker some may carry sage, St. Cipriano oil, holy water, or an exorcism powder that would kick the tail off a cat.

I may seem to be writing this in a light and nonchalant manner, let there be no doubt though, there are people suffering.

Even a lost spirit accumulates energy and can wreak havoc on health, work life and family. This is how one way a poltergeist is created. The energy becomes so big and overwhelming the physical bodies of the house inhabitants can only take so much and start going around the bend.

Signs to look out for:

Someone or a multitude of household dwellers start to act drastically different and out of character.
Constant nausea in one or more places in the home when stepping into the area
arguments or physical violence where there was none
strange putrid smells
sounds at night
animals acting strangely, as if seeing something or scared of an area or being spooked by something that’s not there.
I can’t stress enough this only warrants a call. Most times it’s old aunt Bessy and she doesn’t want to leave because she’s scared of crossing, or she loves you and is overstaying her welcome.

There are times though that it can be more than that. My son’s uncle passed tragically and traumatically. His spirit was stuck and was cleared from a home, but not crossed over. An unsettled spirit will become, what I call, a jumper and try to find the nearest thing to jump into or cling onto, usually a family member who is open…even if they are not aware. In this case, we found out it was me.

I couldn’t stop thinking about him, death, I was depressed, his kids were experiencing roadblocks in their own lives. Something had to be done.

I was at a gathering (luckily), shortly after the jump had occurred. A group of medicine woman were getting together and invited me. They were close, like family and stopped short when I walked through the door. The woman who led this night took one look at me and my drawn, depleted state, and asked, “So who’s your friend” I hadn’t brought anyone live with me, so it stood to reason she was talking about this gentleman. Although I had already thought of this, when something or someone is attached, the last thing it wants you to do is anything, especially attempt to release it. Your brain makes every excuse to deny what you know and you carry on being the feed bag of the unrested soul.

They took their places lovingly around me. They called on his spirit and we could all see him. He stood in his ratty jeans, plaid shirt, wavy salt and pepper hair and moustache. They talked to him to no avail. He was not leaving and If I recall correctly didn’t even know he was dead. This kind of made it better in my head because it meant he wasn’t really doing anything malicious if he knew he was doing anything at all.

Eventually, they called on his mother, his father certainly and hopefully wasn’t going to show up so this made sense. That man was a monster by all accounts. Someone who cared nothing for anything or anyone, but himself. His mother, however, was a different story and was proving it by appearing lovingly to her son and those who bore witness to the events taking place.

By the end, there were some who were teary-eyed. The experience of a mothers love and compassion for her son, and guiding him home was moving to say the least. The others lifted an eyebrow, and rightly so as if to say, “You really should have known better”. This is my job. As new as I was all those years ago I knew what I needed to do and didn’t do it, regardless of the circumstances. I assure you it hasn’t happened since.

After a removal there will be change. In this case I was calmer, more clear headed, my doom and gloom behaviour lifted. His children were now flourishing and making headway in both their professional and personal lives. Once the work to clear the disturbance, soul or otherwise, you will see the situation improve.

After that experience I trained. With my mentor, Shaman who saw my potential and singled me out, with wise women who took me under their wing, for reasons still unknown. I still have my kung fu panda moments where I feel invincible only to trip over my own feet and land face first in a pile of dumplings. But I am now good at what I do and this helps others.

Even the best of us get caught in a cross fire of lost souls and spirit mishaps, so it stands to reason that those who are not aware could too. Is it common for this to happen? More than people realize. However, I don’t mean to scare, I mean to educate, so I will also say that out of the billions of people on this earth, the really scary stuff is less than 1% probability of happening to you or anyone you love.

I often hear, “I have had so much bad luck, has someone put a curse on me and my family?” More than likely the answer is no. Most times we want that to be the case so we can make our woes quickly go away, so we don’t have to be accountable, or are really scared of this being true because of cultural and family upbringing.

I always say it never hurts to ask, but once you have the answer, please trust it. I know people who go from reader to reader, to bruja to healer until they find someone who will say yes. This is like feeling a phantom pain and going from one doctor to the next until you find one who will give you pain meds for a non-existant ailment. A good reader, healer, energy worker will see this and try to help guide them to a place of understanding rather than a place of false resolution that may in turn cost the unsuspecting person copious amounts of money in the long run.

Is there a boogie man under the bed. No. Not yours. Not likely. Most people haven’t had the pleasure (she says facetiously) to step into that kind of mire. So don’t. The dark can’t handle the light, it runs. Have the right attitude. When your down acknowledges it as a moment, don’t live in it, when you are in a good place share it. This will ensure your vibe will stay healthy and right for you and all those around you. Although there are still those who practice the old ways of carrying charms and things to ward off the evil eye, It is the best protection, the best weapon and the best way of living to stay in the light, the way of inner truth and live who you are truly meant to be. Sound cheesy, it may be. Some of the best “removal artists” shall we call them will say the same. They have a joke in their pocket and a smile on their face even though they live a life on the edge of light and dark to keep us safe in our everyday lives.

Until Next Time,

Stay in Tune, and Stay Blogged In!



Author's Bio: 

Angel Morgan writes to teach, to share, to make aware.