In physics, it is a well known fact that opposites attract, take for example electromagnetism. When it comes to humans, though, are there any set rules or conditions which must be met for two people to be attracted to one another?

The science of human attraction is one that has been extensively investigated, the latest idea being the correlation between pheromones and mate selection. All the different branches of science have been involved, from biology to psychology, and chemistry to genetics, all of the current opinion that no such ‘set' rules exist or, if they do, do not figure in sexual attraction between the sexes. Swiss scientists from the University of Bern however are making these scientists rethink their opinions. They conducted an experiment where their female subjects smelt the shirts of different men at the time of their ovulation. The results showed that these women preferred the smell of genetically different men at different times during this period, but that the men's scents that they preferred also had a similarity to their own genes. This is of course, as with all living creatures, to provide the basis for natural selection and better, healthier, stronger children. When the results of this research are being digested, of course, do not forget that other factors may have interfered with the results, for example products such as deodorant or perfumes, the food that the men had eaten, and the stage of the women's ovulation period as well as use of contraceptive pills or not, in these women.

Attraction – where does it come in relationships?

You probably know yourself that you have to feel attracted initially towards someone to want to enter into a relationship with that person. You will probably also know that attraction alone doth not a good relationship make. Attraction will get you or your potential squeeze noticed in a room full of people, but the food of a long term relationship is compatibility.

Should I focus on being attractive less?

Well, physical attractive is one factor, of course, but attractiveness comes from a number of positive attributes. A positive outlook, emotional state, mental and spiritual states all play a part. Nature itself has programmed us as animal to pick the partner with the most complementary and healthy genes to our own. As for emotions, for example, would you want to be attached to someone who is constantly insecure and seeking affirmation and praise all the time? No, me neither! Know yourself, and don't pretend to be anything different, as both you and your partner will end up in disappointment. When you are healthy in all the ways mentioned above, then you will become attractive. Sometimes, confidence and charisma can matter more than physical attractiveness – the funny guy is always surrounded by people, isn't he? Remember to change for yourself and not as a means to an end to impress people. Be happy with yourself and the rest will come to you.

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