An ovulation test will help to predict the right time to have sex in order to get pregnant. It reveals the right time you will most likely be fertile.

Ovulation typically occurs about midway through your menstrual cycle. The released eggs from the ovaries survive for around 12 to 24 hours. This is a small window to conceive every month.

However, sperm can survive in a woman’s body for around 5 days. Therefore, if you did not have sex in that 24-hour window there are chances you could conceive if you had intercourse a few days before. 

When do I start testing for ovulation?

Ovulation testing can be started a couple of days before you suspect you will ovulate. The most fertile days in a month are a couple of days before and the exact day the ovaries release the egg.

With a regular monthly cycle, it is easy to predict the ovulation timing. With a 28-day menstrual cycle you will possibly ovulate on the 14th day, so you’d start testing with something like Proov LH tests on the 10th day of your cycle.

Is there a right or wrong time to use an ovulation test kit?

  • Same time - The only thing to ensure is to test at the same time every day. There is no right or wrong time to test ovulation. You can choose to test in the morning, afternoon or evening, and may even want to test multiple times per day. 
  • Limit fluid intake - Liquid dilutes the luteinizing hormone [LH] level in the urine. This can reveal a wrong test result that you are not ovulating when in reality you are. Therefore, limit fluid intake 2 hours before the ovulating test. You may want to hold your urine for a couple of hours before the test.

Therefore, many women test as soon as they wake up in the morning. It offers plenty of time to progress with the conceiving process if you get a green light from test results. 

How to use the ovulation test strips?

The strips are designed for detecting the LH levels in your urine. An LH surge signals that the ovaries should release an egg soon. Ovulation test strips are designed for determining the most fertile days so that you can time intercourse accurately. 

Urinate in a cup and dip the strip or urinate directly on the test strip (depending on the exact test instructions). In 5 minutes, you will see the results. There are two lines on the test strips:

  1. Control line signaling the test is properly working
  2. Test line, which is darker or lighter than the control line depending on how much luteinizing hormone is present in your urine 

At a low LH level, the test line appears light, and a dark test line means your LH levels are high. If the test line is as darker or darker than the control line, this is a positive result, and you are at the most fertile time in your cycle.

Ovulation test kit removes the guesswork of timing intercourse during your most fertile days. Take the test and increase your chances of getting pregnant!

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