Some people mistakenly believe that being depressed means that they lack self confidence. While this is a completely incorrect assumption still we can't say that there is no relation between self confidence and depression.

Being depressed doesn't mean that you lack confidence but in many cases lack of self confidence can lead to depression. In this article i will explain the relationship between self confidence and depression.

How lack of self confidence can lead to depression
Depression is the feeling you get when you lose hope in getting something that you really wanted, for example failing to reach your goals or to marry the person you love are examples of situations that could lead to depression.

So in order for depression to happen the following conditions must be present:

1) There must be something that you really need
2) Hope should be lost in getting that thing
3) No possible solutions that could work are availble.

now the question is, who doesn't want to be confident? being confident is a goal that almost everyone has even the confident people want to become more confident.

When someone keeps trying to build self confidence and keeps failing all the time he might lose hope in becoming confident and then become depressed!!

Instant depression and lack of confidence
Even if you don't live with depression still you can experience what i call instant depression if you lack self confidence.

Suppose that you think that you don't know how to handle Social situations. While staying at home or browsing the internet you might not be feeling bad at all but when you meet a stranger in the street and mess things up you might experience a feeling that is very similar to depression that lasts for a day or two.

I call this instant depression because it appears the moment you recall your lack of confidence problem and disappears when you forget about it.

In short lack of self confidence can surely lead to depression.

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