The most common confusion that often pops up in people's head is whether to hire a joiner or a carpenter for the next project. It happens as because most people don't really understand the primary difference between both these professions, carpentry and joinery. And, some tend to believe that there is no difference between these two areas at all.

So, it is crucial to find out the realities beyond such myths. Are these two jobs entirely similar? The answer is ‘NO'. Although both these services are related to woodwork and fitting for commercial as well as residential sectors, but there is some clear difference between these two types of jobs. And, before opting for any of these two, you have to understand the difference.

Find it out in the following.

  • Difference Between Methods

There is some essential difference between the methods of carpentry and joinery. Carpenters frequently make use of nails and glue for their woodwork as most of their tasks are related to fixing the wooden planks or fixtures for setting a structure to its right position.

On the other hand, the commercial joinery services are focused on creating the wooden structure without the use of any nail or glue. There are various joinery techniques used in forming the structure out of wood. Some of the most popular joinery structures are dowel joint, butt joint, rabbet joint, tenon joint, miter joint, biscuit joint and many more.

  • Place of Work

The carpenters and joiners choose different places to carry out their work. The carpenters decide to go for onsite job whereas the professionals associated with joinery services work in their own workshops. Joinery is one type of craft, and they need big space to carry out the work peacefully. However, the carpenters are mostly flexible regarding their work site.

  • Types of Work

To understand the difference between these two types, it is essential to understand the difference in purpose. Each of these has different specifications. The joiners join the woods in their workshops to create wooden structures.

On the other hand, the carpenter installs those structures. More simply, the joiner is responsible for constructing the construction of a fantastic staircase, and it is the carpenter's job to fit, and none can do the job better than them.

How to Choose between a Carpenter and a Joiner

The way of deciding it is, of course, understanding the project type. It entirely depends on the in-hand experience the particular joiner or carpenter has, and you have to decide whether the experience is relative to your project or not.

It is always advised to take the help of both the carpenters and joiners when you are going for a complete renovation, extensions or alterations. However, cabinets, drawers, wardrobes and also the best bathroom vanities in Central Coast, joinery services will undoubtedly be the best choice.


So, now as you clearly understand the difference between these two services, it will not be that difficult to make your choice according to your project. For modifying your bathroom or kitchen design, you should look for a joinery service first as they will fill you up with creative ideas.

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The author specialises in commercial joineryservices and has carried out many projects related to bathroom vanities in Central Coast.