Dhat Syndrome is a Culture Bound Syndrome (CBS) and is prevalent in different geographical regions of the world.CBS comprises a combination of psychiatric and somatic symptoms viewed within some specific cultures or societies.  DHAT is typically located in the Indian subcontinent that includes India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The word “Dhat” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Dhatu” which means metal or constituent part of the body.Semen is the “vital fluid” whose discharge either through sex, wet dreams or even masturbation leads to anxiety, palpitations, insomnia, mood fluctuations, guilt and dysphoria. There is feeling of weakness and exhaustion in the patient.The males going through this disorder complains of passing semen in their urine. They suffer from premature ejaculation or impotence.

DHAT syndrome is mostly found in young males of low or medium socioeconomic status. The patients are unmarried or recently married and usually from rural background and have a conservative attitude towards sex.  In females who experience excessive vaginal discharge, it is termed as leucorrhea.

What is the Cause of DHAT SYNDROME:

Psychological distress and anxiety lead to semen loss. There are some other factors that may result in Dhat roga like a weak digestive system, prone to constipation and piles, Prostatitis where in the prostate gland secretes seminal fluids.
When the nerves are weak, semen is discharged during urination.

What is the Symptoms of DHAT Syndrome

  • Most common symptoms experienced by the patient are poor concentration, forgetfulness, lack of energy, loss of appetite, and sexual dysfunction.
  • Some also complain about dry mouth, multiple body aches, hollowing of eyes, loss of control over body, stomach pains, vomiting, headaches, vertigo, gas formation, increased muscle tension.
  • Some males complain that their pennies have shortened. Other sexual complaints include genital itching, genital boils and ulcers. There is loss of limbo and erectile dysfunction. This is mainly due to stress or anxiety the patient is undergoing.

What is the Treatment of DHAT SYNDROME:

  • Dhat Syndrome is considered a neurotic condition in Modern Science. According to Ayurveda, over indulgence in sex can cause an imbalance in the dhatus and so Ayurveda recommends a controlled sexual life to counteract Dhat syndrome. A person’s diet and lifestyle can actually help them overcome all kinds of disorders.
  • The Ayurvedic treatment focuses on herbs which enhance energy and performance of the reproductive system.
  • Planet Ayurveda offers effective treatment to manage the symptoms of Dhat Syndrome and also minimize the discharge in both men and women. The medicines formulated by Planet Ayurveda are 100% natural and free from any kind of known side effects.

What are the Best Herbal Remedies for DHAT SYNDROME


  • As the name suggests Stress Support Capsules are formulated to fight stress and depression, which are the main symptoms of a person suffering from Dhat Syndrome. Stress Support capsules, are very helpful for all nervous disorders as they calm down the nervous system.
  • Stress Support Capsules are prepared using herbs like Ashwagandha (Withanai Somnifera), Tagar (Valeriana Wallichii) and Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri). All these herbs synergistic ally to control the aggravated Vata that is the result of continuous stress.


  • The recommended dosage of Stress Support Capsules in treating Dhat Syndrome is 2 capsules two times a day with plain water, preferably after meals.


  • Musli Strength is an herbal formulating prepared using standardized extract of herbs like Safed Musli and Gokshura. The medicine is an excellent remedy for all sexual ailments. The product deals with both male and female sexual problems. The capsules stimulate the penile tissue that enhances the penile erection. The medicine is also useful in restoring the energy levels.  It is also recommended for patients with low sperm count, low libido, general weakness etc.


  • The recommended dosage of Musli Capsules for Dhat Syndrome patients is 1 capsule two times a day with plain water


  • Navkarshik Churna is a classical Ayurvedic formulation prepared using herbs like Amla, Haritaki, Bahera, Vacha, Neem, Manjistha, Katuki, Giloy and Darhaldi. The medicine relieves Vata imbalance and removes toxins from the body.
  • The herbs like Giloy helps in improving the immunity while Manjistha purifies the blood and corrects the metabolism. All together the churna provides a powerful combination to overcome Dhat syndrome symptoms.
    The recommended dosage of Navarshik Churna for Dhat Syndrome Patients is one spoon two times a day with plain water, after meals.


  • Male Support Formula as the name suggests, is a formulation to support and enhance the functions of the male sexual organs and overall male health. The medicine is prepared using three excellent herbs: Ashwagandha, Shilajit and Gokshura. The regular use of Male Support Formula raises sexual energy levels and cures problems like premature ejaculation, low sex desire and fatigue.


  • The recommended dosage of Male Support Formula for Dhat patients is 1 capsule two times a day with plain water.


  • Chanderprabha Vati tablets are prepared using herbs like Shilajit, Guggul, Sharkara, Karpoor, Vacha, Mustak, Haridra etc. The herb Shilajit is known for enhancing sexual potency and helps in improving the functioning of organs and muscles to counteract fatigue.
  • The medicine is known to exert a calming effect on the whole body. The medicine is good for building muscles, strength and stamina without any side effects


  • The recommended dosage of Chanderprabha vati tablets for Dhat Syndrome patients is 2 tablets two times a day with plain water.

Why Planet Ayurveda Products to be choosen?

  •  The above-mentioned products work together to remove debility and weakness and elevate testosterone levels in the body to rejuvenate and energize the reproductive system.  The medicines repair and stimulate nerves and helps in maintaining an optimum supply of energy throughout the day to prevent any semen discharge with urine.
    All the medicines from Planet Ayurveda are formulated by MD Ayurveda Experts and are free from chemicals, preservatives, starch, additives, binders, fillers, yeast, colors etc.
  • Due to globalization and population migrating, dhat syndrome can now be detected,diagnosed and treated worldwide.

Unnatural loss of semen in men gives them depression as they feel that a satisfactory sexual intercourse is responsibility of the male partner. It is very important for the patient to relax so as the ensure the smooth functioning of the genitourinary system.

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DR. Vikram Chauhan, MD - AYURVEDA is an expert Ayurvedic practitioner based in Chandigarh, India and doing his practice in Mohali, India. He is spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda Ancient healing treatment, not only in India but also abroad. He is the CEO and Founder of Planet Ayurveda Products, Planet Ayurveda Clinic and Krishna Herbal Company. For more info visit our website: http://www.planetayurveda.com