Creatinine is a type of natural waste substance that is formed when muscle breakdown or muscle metabolism occurs. This waste is a byproduct of creatine, which is required for strengthening of the muscles. Creatinine enters the bloodstream that is transported to the kidneys. Kidneys clear out this waste from your bloodstream during the blood filtration process. The normal creatinine level in a healthy male is 0.9 to 1.3 mg/dL and 0.6 to 1.1 mg/dL in a healthy female. Creatinine level higher than the normal range indicates kidney damage or any other kidney problem.
Stress, strenuous workout, high fever, dehydration, creatine supplement consumption, intake of a protein-rich diet, and few such factors can increase the level of creatinine in the blood temporarily.

What happens when your creatinine level goes up?

In the case of high blood creatinine, many side-effects can be visible in your body. Muscle cramping, fatigue, pain in the chest, swelling in the body, vomiting, variation in urine frequency, and color are the symptoms that generally appear when creatinine level arises in the blood.

An increased level of creatinine is a consequence of poor kidney health, if not, then it can cause your kidneys to get impaired. If you experience persistently high creatinine levels, go for the best treatment as soon as possible.

Before choosing the best treatment, it’s necessary to get confirmed about the problem. A suspected patient is recommended to go for some medical tests, mainly the Serum Creatinine test and Creatinine Clearance test.

The Serum Creatinine test uses some blood samples to determine the creatinine level in the blood of a patient. If it comes to the Creatinine Clearance test, this test involves the deep analysis of urine samples to measure the creatinine cleared out by your kidneys in the urine.

Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda

A combination of the tests helps to detect if any kidney problem is causing your creatinine level to rise up. If you are diagnosed with a kidney problem, then the doctor prescribes the best Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment.

What is the best medicine to lower creatinine?

Allopathy uses drug composing medicines to lower creatinine levels, but it’s not the most effective solution. This modern treatment has a major limitation as it can only suppress the complication by slowing down the worsening of the condition. This advanced treatment doesn’t look at the deep cause of the problem, so it can’t offer permanent relief. This treatment applies the same healing method in high creatinine.

This modern treatment doesn’t have any specific medicine for lowering creatinine level. Mainly it suggests dialysis to such patients to clear out creatinine from their blood. Dialysis is an equipment-based healing procedure that also clears out some necessary substances along with the creatinine. Frequent use of dialysis can result in weakness, anemia, and infection can occur. Therefore, dialysis and other Allopathic treatment can’t efficiently lower the creatinine level.

If you choose Ayurvedic treatment, you can get promising results. Ayurveda is an age-old healing science that has a unique treatment methodology. This healing system is derived from the ancient Indian Vedas, and therefore it follows a holistic treatment approach. As per this treatment, the human body has some channels, biological energies, and a few other elements that are responsible for a healthy state. These core of the body lie in the body in a balanced way, but whenever any of these gets disturbed, they turn to be problematic and cause body complications and diseases.

In order to cure a health issue, Ayurveda aims to address the core cause of the problem and then offers a suitable treatment accordingly. In short, Ayurveda tries to re-establish the disturbed core of the body to help a patient attain wellness again. Ayurveda does it with the help of some sacred herbs, therapies, and few modifications in lifestyle, including diet. Using these practices in a customized manner, Ayurveda cuts back the causes of the problem and therefore offers permanent relief to the patient.

In high creatinine, Ayurvedic treatment administers its same holistic treatment method. Consequently, it works on the core factor responsible for elevated creatinine levels and cures it to lower creatinine levels naturally. Though Ayurveda also doesn’t have any medicine to lower, it has several medicines that can fix the causative factor responsible for high creatinine level.
Ayurvedic medicines are generally the composition of parts of plants, metals, or sometimes animals that has the potential to heal the body naturally. Ayurvedic medicines also work extremely well in high creatinine problem by lowering and normalizing blood creatinine levels naturally. This treatment is completely safe as it is free from any sort of complications or side-effects.

If you are looking for a permanent solution to lower creatinine, contact the best Ayurvedic kidney hospital.

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Ayurvedic medicine helps lowering creatinine levels naturally by using some sacred herbs, therapies, and some routine changes.