I’ve been working in sales for 7 years and embraced the professional coaching industry for 2 years now. In those two fields just like in many other professional fields and in life in general, people try to be successful. I mean, who wouldn’t like to have a successful career, a successful marriage, in short… a successful living. So, I’ve asked myself three questions:

1- What does it mean to be successful? In other words, is there a standard definition of success or is success defined according to any one of us?

2- Is there a recipe for success? Is there any magic formula that if you apply you will automatically be successful?

3- What stops man from living successfully on his terms?

Let me get started here with my first question: what does it mean to be successful? Well, I think people wil have different thoughts on that one. I do believe that the conception of success definitely differs from one person to another. Some people will level their success based on their bank account, others will level it based on their job title, and some others will level their success based on their family and social life. Personally, I believe that being successful means waking up everyday, doing what we love to do professionally and socially speaking, and going to bed at night with the satisfaction that today we did our best at what we love to do.

We have so much to learn from kids. Think about it for a second. When a child wakes up in the morning, he runs to his parents room and give them big hugs that show how much he loves them. Then after shower he will go and enjoy the breakfast and after that wil start doing what he loves with or without his parents permission. If he love running around the house, he will. If he loves playing video games, he will go and play. If he loves exploring the nature and read books or watch TV, that’s what he’s going to do. At the end of the day when he goes to bed, he is tired and fulfilled and can’t wait to wake up the next morning for another amazing day. That’s what I call to be successful: to do what you love and to do it at your real best. Yet, hopefully, as an adult and educated person, what you love should be different from what a kid loves. So the tasks you do during the day should be ones that should serve others and hopefully generate money for all your financial needs. If you love enough what you do, there must be a way to make a living out of it MASSIVE ACTION is the recipe.

Let’s talk now about the magical secret recipe of success. As a relationship strategist, 80% of my time is used to search and implement methods and strategies that would help individuals and companies to benefit from their relationships and use them as facilitators to succeed at what they love to do. One thing I found is that what has worked for a person “A” didn’t necessarily work for a person “B”. In other words, you take two persons with similar interpersonal skills issues and you coach them together with exactly the same material, one will have the results expected, the other one no. Why? Because it doesn’t matter what tips, techniques, advices, coaching, seminars and other self-improvement tools you can give to someone, if the person doesn’t use it then the person will have no result. period! If there is one true recipe for success in life, that recipe is ACTION. You can know what you want, what you love, we can teach yo and coach you on how to get there, if you don’t take MASSIVE ACTIONS, well you won’t accomplish much. The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is on the difference of their actions. You need to act to be. I love this quote from Og Mandino saying: “My dreams are worthless, my plans are dust, my goals are impossible, and all are of no values unless followed by actions. I will ACT NOW!”

So now let’s jump on the third question. I believe the number one reason that stops people from living a successfully life is not linked to their physical or intellectual potential but to their mindset. In fact, I believe that FEAR, LACK OF MOTIVATION,DEFEATIST MINDSET, and of course INACTION are the main reasons that block people from running the life they want. If that’s your case, coaching can be of a great help for you.

My company Act2be.com and I are on a life mission of helping people and companies get the Coach/Expert they need, whatever the field is, to help them reach easier and faster their goals. I can’t thing of anyone who made it big without the help of an accountable and reliable person. Well, your Coach will not only be accountable and reliable, he/she will also motivate you, and will be demanding as he true reward is your success. You want to sales more and do not know which area to work on for better results, hire a sales coach. You want to improve your interpersonal skills, master the skills of professional networking, and become relationship guru, then hire a Professional Relationship Coach. You want to get better at speaking in public, hire a public speaking coach. You have time-management issues, hire the service of a self-discipline expert. Just like in sport, professional business coaches are out there to help you win the life you want. Get one today. Contact us for assistance or go and visit our website http://www.act2be.com

Let me conclude with this inspiring quote from a legend, Michael Jordan, who said: I can accept failure, but I cannot accept not trying. If you want to score a goal, you have at least t shoot the ball. Again, remember Og Mandino advice: your dreams are worthless, your plans are dust, your goals are impossible, and all are of no values unless followed you take massive actions.

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Max-Marc Fossouo is a Relationship Strategist, Founder of Act2be.com He believes that relationship is at the heart of any success and so is action. Driven by passion, Max is convinced that relationship matters and here is his view of relationship: "In relationship, do not ask what someone can do for you, but what you can do for the person. It is not how you can be served, but how you can serve. Not what you can benefit, but what they can benefit from you. To be there for others is not just relationship, it's also leadership."
Max conducts Motivational speaking, seminars, and shows about Relation and Success.
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