Liberation: There is no liberation without labor?

Do you believe this? We can either take the labor road or the Sahaj, Divine ease path. I know the one I want. How about you? I heard yesterday about a new proposed experiential holiday. Poland is proposing an Gulag experience where you will get to sleep on boards, work in hideous conditions and awful cold, have horrid food to get the full Gulag effect. Anyone needing this experience can contact NPR and find out how to do so. If not lets figure out how we can have more internal joy and uplift others.

I had a great experience yesterday at Trader Joes of all places, any place can and is sacred. My total was 2012 and the clerk said. “ That’s cool 2012” I said, (checking him out about what he knew) “That is the turning point year.” His cocky reply was, “ We are already there.” I smiled and said, ‘Yes transformation is happening but we are still in the painful burning cycle, the Phoenix still needs to arise. We are being cooked in the pressure cooker.” He only wanted to hear that the opening was already here. I wanted to tell him of the sneak preview of the 60’s and the freedom of that time. I wanted to tell him that freedom does not feel like this and it is a collective recognition. I wanted, I wanted and I just smiled and blessed him. He had made a decision and I know there is so much more awaiting him. As my teacher used to say, “ You have no idea how much I see and don’t say.”

We don’t have to say everything. We don’t need to be right all the time. We get to connect. That means at the level each person can connect. If they expend their antenna the only question is how to extend in a proper coordinate back. Some are starving and will be so grateful for anything you drop in. Others think they know it all and you can only connect with a word or smile. Others don’t want to know, and every variation between. How is your intuition? This is the radar we need to know how to and how much is required. This works in all areas of life.

A friend of mine said a new beau tapped her third eye and said, “This needs to relax.” Over this holiday a got to sit with some friends and friends of theirs and we spoke of how we were raised in our religion and what it meant to us going forth in our lives. Could have been heavy but it was fun funny and totally joyous. There we were three Ex Catholics and two Jews speaking from heart about what the longing was, what the fear, what the calling and where we each were now. This was my liberation evening. Very liberating and I felt I got this long slow look into the soul of these other wonderful humans on the path we call life.

Life, business, relationships are all weavings, all creations of great intent. The power of sustaining and reweaving the intent as times shift and change is important. Another friend told me this morning that she visited this beautiful ranch of this woman who did motivational work for years. They never advertised only past students would send their friends to their retreats. Now they need something more for they woke up one morning and realized that this model was not working anymore. They had almost no web presence and what they had was defective. She was called in to help. She has also realized her strengths and weaknesses and I pray that she will be able to bring them up to snuff. So people can once again inhale their form of support and upliftment.

Here is a clear and uplift treat for you.

Claw Dance
Two steps for radiant, charismatic energy

Round and tighten fingers in long clawed-like hands.
Come up tall on your toes swinging the arms out to the sides and up over the head in a big arc motion. Breath in on the way up while saying “WHO”. Next, squat down while the arms are swinging downward in a big arc. Exhale saying “LA” on the way down. Keep repeating these 2 steps.

Round up and tighten fingers to mimic long claws.
Starting tall on tiptoes, swing the arms up over the head in a big arc motion. Inhale on the way up while saying “WHO”.
Exhale saying “LA” while squatting down and swinging the arms down in a big arc.
Keep repeating these 2 steps.

1-2 minutes

Strengthens thighs and increases energy. Replenishes your energy field and expands awareness. Helps clears the mind when facing challenges.

If you want to change you state of mind , heart or head you must do something to change your energy. This is easy to say but sometimes the most challenging time is from having an idea to taking action. Creating the space and time of getting up from what you are immersed in and moving your beautiful body. This is one big step to liberation. Liberation means changing your patterns to support and uplift you so you can do so for others.


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