Technology is being advancing in consistent yet sedate strides. Moreover, it has been a nice course of time since 1973 when first handheld mobile handset was bring out in the marketplace. As a matter of principle, all of us wanted to know will the extentions of mobile phones are going to stay irreconcilable while staying as it is. Or will therebe something which can be substitute for mobile phones.

Augmented reality

For one thing we all know that any minor change which is taken up by innovators is always superior to the former. Much more up to date and futuristic and not the other way around. Here in this age of distinct period there is an idea innovation of modern notion, augmented reality. Which simply, is an amalgamation of the mixture of both the existing state of things, as opposed to one that is imaginary and virtual at the same time. Where the advancement of scientific knowledge works through to involve the organs of flesh and blood. For instance the areas include visual, auditory sensory and as well as olfactory biological structure.

Premise of argument

The thing to notice is that the concept of augmented reality is already taken into consideration by the innovators of science and technology. As in practical terms there is a head-mounted display which works on the concept of augmented reality. All in all we can say that the concept of augmented reality can better serve the true and much better experience of gaming and entertainment if we compare the same term brought through by mobile phones.

Computer systems capable of performing tasks

Do any of our scientist fellows have yet invented a mobile phone which can make our lives easier by simply performing some of the basic works of one's lives? By performing activities like balancing one's life by propping up equal calories intake in order to maintain a required amount, and checking while burning the rate while exertion. More importantly controlling the major home appliances by keeping the room temperature through air conditioning, fans, heaters and so forth. As a matter of principle, we all know there has been an introduction of artificial intelligence in the form of Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Which has gotten the ability to do some of the above mentioned subjects.

Justification of idea

But still if this field of technology has gained any major change then surely there might be a slim chance to be replaced with the artificial intelligence installed in the mobile phones. Where the artificial man made intelligence will directly be controlling your household needs all by itself.


We all know that any recently introduced technology change takes us a considerable amount of sum. As for instance Samsung Phone Price in Bangladesh is considerably higher. Where the simplest modification from fourth generation to fifth, from 20megapixels to 50, from 3GB RAM to 8GB costs a lot of margin. That's why Mobile Phone Prices in Bangladesh and other similar developing or underdeveloped countries are higher and they are still lacking the idea of modernization. Whereas on the other side on the westwards they had already taken their hands on the above mentioned advancement. And it is likely that soon enough they might completely replace the idea of mobile phones.

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