Charities and non-profit organizations have started to use the internet as a way to receive donations. If you have a charity merchant account, chances are you will receive a lot of money. Regular merchant accounts are quite expensive however there are a lot of companies are willing to provide this service at a very affordable price. It is best to take note that there some providers who charge too much which can be overwhelming for some organizers of charities. There are different types of merchant accounts that you can avail for your charity. There is a low processing type which is perfect for those who will be getting a few dollars a month.

If you think that it will receive thousands of dollars or more, then you might have to consider a high risk merchant account. This credit card processing will understand that you are processing high volume of payment. For this reason, they will charge low transaction fees. This can benefit the organization in a lot of ways. Instead of paying tons of money for the solution, the huge savings will support the purpose of the charity. Of course after installing a donate button on the website, money will not pour in right away. After setting up a merchant account, promoting the website is still necessary.

Charity merchant account is not enough. You will need to promote it to other people. Take this opportunity to market your purpose. The more they know about the website, the more money will be donated to your account. One way is to join an activity that is related to your cause. You can set up a booth in an event or galas. Encourage people to visit your website. You can also call donor or send letters. Create a brochure, newsletters and others so the charity site will be promoted.

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