Have you ever heard the phrase “good debt”? Is there such a thing?

If you ask anyone who had been in debt, there is no good debt. On that note, there is no bad debt either. What you have is a credit obligation that can turn for the worse depending on how you respond to it. Debt is just debt. More than anything, it is business. It is only cast in a bad light because people fail to manage their finances wisely. It results in their expenses becoming higher than their income. That gets them further into debt until such time that they are unable to keep up with their payments.

Believe it or not, you will benefit from debt, and in effect make it a good one in your life. To make that happen, you need to do two things: determine the purpose of your debt and make sure you have enough to pay it back. Credit card debts are the best example of this.

The top three debts that burden Americans right now are mortgage, student loans and credit card debts. The first two can benefit anyone as a home and personal education can help uplift a person’s way of living. The third, on the other hand, needs to be examined further. Unlike the first two, your credit card may or may not be used for important purchases. Most of the time, we use credit cards to buy unnecessary things. No one but you will control how you will use your cards and this is where your debts can get bad.

When you use your credit card, make sure that you think twice before you actually purchase something. Think about the purpose of your purchase. Will it help you achieve your goal or is it just to show off? For instance, if you want to buy a new smartphone, consider your purpose behind it. Is it to help you with presentations when promoting your business? Or are you buying it because all your friends have it? If your reason is the former, then you are on the right path towards getting your debts to do you some good. But the analysis is not yet over.

You also need to consider how you will pay for this credit card debt. Do you have the money to pay it back as soon as the bill arrives? Or will you be paying it in installment and thus suffer the additional expense of the interest rate? If you are unable to pay for your credit card purchases, that does not bode well for your financial health.

Ultimately, debt can become good for you if it is made to help you grow your income. For instance, business startup loans are great since it will give you the potential to grow your income - if not be the main source of it. However, you need to make sure that you have a plan in place to pay off this loan. Do not get a loan if you know you cannot afford it.

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