Is Visalus Or Glucerna Beneficial for Diabetics?

Visalus or Glycerna are both good for diabetics, but which one is best? I am a type 2 diabetic and have been for 15 years. The way to control or balance sugar is through diet. The problem occurs when you start taking medication for diabetes. Although they help control your sugar they increase your cravings food and most people make the mistake of thinking that the medication will take care of any food they eat except sugar. Many foods turn to sugar once they get into your body like bread, rice, pasta and many others. Their are many alternatives to these foods, but I am here to discuss Visalus and Glucerna. I am not a doctor or nutritionist and make no medical claims, but I have studied how to stay healthy with type 2 diabetes since 1997. However, I do take Visalus and am a distributor.

The reason I am making this comparison between Visalus and Glucerna is last night I was watching TV and a commercial came on for Glucerna claiming how good it was for diabetics, because it only had six (6) gram of sugar. This peaked my interest. I originally got involved with Visalus to lose weight which I am. Thank you very much. Weight is the enemy of diabetes too. Obesity and diabetes go hand in hand hence the epidemic of diabetics in this country right now.
What is Visalus and Glucerna?

Both Visalus and Glucerna are shakes and the likeness ends there. Visalus is promoted as a weight loss shake and Glucerna is promoted as good for people with diabetes. So I did some investigating to inform you and to see which one is best for me. It’s very hard to promote a product you don’t believe in.

The Facts.
27 gram of carbs
6 grams of sugar
210 mg of sodium
7 grams of fat (0.05 sat. fat)

7 grams of carbs
1 gram of sugar
75 mg of sodium
1 gram ofat (0.00 sat. fat)

If Glucerna can make the claim it is good for diabetics and do it on TV with I assume the certification of the FDA doesn’t that make Visalus even better for diabetics. I am not making any claims for Visalus here, because the only thing they say about Visalus is diabetic “friendly”. Their main target is losing weight. It is clear to me that I made the right decision with Visalus and have more reason to help other people lose weight and balance their sugar at the same time.
Wrap Up (sounds like TV)

Most people take everything they see on TV as the absolute truth. the truth is not to be found on TV. the only truth about TV is they are trying to make the most money they can. You can look up everything I have said here on the Internet.

If you would like to know more or order Visalus click the banner below. Get on the road to weight loss and help control your sugar even if you don’t have diabetes.

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To your weight loss,
Richard OBrien

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