Is Your Bad Attitude Killing Your Marriage: Change Your Attitude... Transform Your Marriage

Is your marriage glass half full or half empty? Is it party sunny or partly cloudy in your marriage? Is your marriage not that bad or not that good? Is your attitude killing your marriage or is your marriage killing your attitude? Keeping your marriage together sometimes has a lot to do with perspectives and attitudes.

You no doubt have experienced the highs and lows of the married life and probably have thought once or twice about jumping ship. Don't jump yet because there is still time to turn things around, despite what you are feeling right now.

Have you been a little depressed and withdrawn lately and not that interested in fixing your marriage? Well, if you want to save your marriage the first suggestion I would make is that you change your perspective and your attitude. It can make all the difference in world when it comes to repairing your marriage.

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How Can Your Attitude Change Help In Keeping Your Marriage Together?

- If you can get a little more enthusiastic about your relationship your actions will reflect this and positively impact your marriage.

- You will be happier and more pleasant to be around.

- Your health will improve or stay good because of reduced stress in your life.

- Your spouse will be more receptive to your requests if you are coming with the right attitude.

- Your good attitude and perspective can rub off on your spouse.

So is it worth changing your attitude to help your marriage get better? If you said no then you need to really dig deep and wonder if you really want a better marriage or do you want out of the marriage. I have yet to see a marriage negatively impacted when couples put their attitudes and egos in check.

Tips To Help Keep Your Attitude From Hurting Your Marriage

- Look past offenses - Sometimes your spouse will say and do some dumb things. There will be times when you want to strangle him or her. Don't let your spouse get under your skin and steal your joy and peace. Try not to sulk or withdraw or even snap back at your spouse. Keep a smile on your face and balance your responses.

- Let your spouse see that you care - It is easy to say things like "whatever" or "I don't care" or perhaps "do whatever you want". To many spouses these are code words for "our marriage is over or sucks". Don't act or say things that signal that you no longer care. Do just the opposite and your marriage will be much better off.

I'm pretty sure that you don't like it when other folks give you an attitude. It could be someone driving in traffic, standing in line at a store or ringing up your purchase. None of us like dealing with folks with attitudes. Why do we find it OK to share our bad attitudes with our spouse? It is not OK and can only hurt your marriage. Remember, keeping your marriage together is the goal.

If your marriage is going through difficult times a good place to start changing things is by changing your attitude and perspective. Please look at your marriage glass as half full and getting fuller.

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Every marriage has something that can be improved. Some marriages, however, are more problematic than others, and are in need of fixing more than others. Whether your marriage is a happy one or is a problematic one; looking for ways on how to improve your marriage is always beneficial. Here are some tips for strengthening your marriage.

1. Give your spouse a chance to miss you.

When we are in our spouse's face all the time, we are denying them personal space and worse, we are denying them the chance to miss us. This doesn't mean that you should take a week-long vacation, but don't try to be near him all the time. Never forget - what you need to do to improve your marriage is not "spend more time with your spouse". It is "improve the quality of time you spend with your spouse." If you two start to have fun when you are together again, like you did while you were flirting; this will to a terrific job of strengthening your marriage.

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2. Enhance romance in your marriage.

Don't ever forget that romance and romantic love WERE the reasons that got the two of you married in the first place. If you are letting them go in favor of being the "housekeeper" and the "mother", you are undermining the very foundations of your marriage. So if you want to improve your marriage, make sure that the romantic part is kept alive. If it is gone by now, there are ways to rekindle it. It is as easy as setting time aside so that you and your husband can be together alone. There can be no excuse for this - I know life is busy and difficult, but really, if you can't find a couple of hours every week to spend ALONE with your husband, then it won't be easy to improve and strengthen your marriage.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

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Marriage is not intended to be a struggle of wills between two opposite personalities. Marriage is supposed to be the joining of two individuals who come together and commit to loving and caring for each other until death. Now where should help in marriage for Christians come from?

I think you know the answer to the above question but I'd like to share with you some general tips to help you in your marriage. Christians and non Christians need marriage help. Unfortunately, most marriages have struggles and way to many of them end in divorce. The divorce rate for Christians should be lower than it is for non Christians. I'm sad to say that it is not. There is a reason why help in marriage for Christians sometimes fails to help rescue a troubled Christian marriage. It's because as individuals we often choose to ignore the commands that God has provided to keep our marriages and lives on the right paths.

From the beginning of time God let us know how important the relationship between man and woman would be. It is written that a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

Unfortunately, although we are eager to become one flesh it generally last for only so long. At some point during the marriage our need to have things our way finds its way into the marriage. For Christians, instead of asking for God's will to be done, there is a desire to have one's own way. Before you know it, the struggle is just to keep the marriage alive and there is no shortage of blame. Have you been guilty of thinking or saying the following?

- Asking God why you were allowed to marry your spouse?

- Accusing your spouse of changing after you got married?

- Wondering if it's God will for you to get divorced or start seeing someone else, so you can be happy?

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Why is it when things are going great in Christian marriages we are quick to give God thanks for the wonderful spouse we have but when things are going bad we blame God? Instead of blaming God or your spouse and focusing on the problems, why not thank God for bringing your spouse into your life and asking for marriage guidance to resolve your marriage problems?

Help In Marriage Tips For Christians

- Pray for your marriage and spouse daily. Don't ask God to change your spouse but rather change your hearts to be more like His.

- Ask God to give you and your spouse patience and clarity in dealing with each other.

- Make sure you guard your mouth and make sure that you talk respectfully to your spouse, and don't try to resolve marriage problems when you are angry. Very little good can come out of a discussion when one or both of you are extremely angry. You will have a hard time listening because you will be trying to win the point instead of saving your marriage.

Don't judge your spouse's level of spirituality. Although you both might be Christians, don't build up negative feelings about your spouse because he or she doesn't pray, read the word or serve in the same manner that you do. Be an encourager and don't discourage and it will help in making your Christian marriage better.

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Getting serious about emotional affair recovery is important if you wants to save your marriage or relationship.

It's a fact that relationships and marriages don't have fairytale stories.

There are always going to be problems and difficulties happening every now and then and knowing how to deal with an emotional affair may just solve one of the most common problems with your marriage intact.

One of the problems that a relationship or a marriage can suffer from is the problem of having affairs,. However, emotional affair recovery is always possible for people who want to get serious in trying to save the relationship that has been tarnished because of the affair.

For an emotional affair recovery to even be possible, it's important that the ones involved should acknowledge the need to end the affair in order to save what's left of each of their own relationships.

A situation like that should not have happened in the first place of course if each are already involved with other people. For those individuals who were not able to fight the temptation to be in this situation... but are willing to walk away from it, acknowledging the need to end it and start with the emotional affair recovery process is monumentally important.

The next step to emotional affair recovery is to ask for forgiveness from the person you have hurt the most when you tried to abandon your relationship and became involved in such affair. That person may not necessarily forgive you but at least you were able to say that you are sorry and humbled yourself by accepting your mistake.

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Saving a marriage will not be possible and successful if you yourself will not change. Even if you have acknowledged your mistake and have already asked forgiveness for doing it, everything will still be the same if you yourself will not try to change. It's really no recovery at all if the ones involved in the said affair won't change. Put your words of change into action, and be a doer. If you say that you are already being serious about your emotional affair recovery then do it and act on it.

Fairytale relationships don't exist. Hence the fairytale part! Even with the happy moments you spend with the one you love, nothing can prevent problems from popping up in your relationship and causing chaos. For individuals whose relationships are suffering because of entertaining emotional extramarital relationships can make the choice to end the affair and get dead serious in embracing emotional affair recovery.

In relationships or marriages, bumps along the way are guaranteed to appear every now and then. There will be times when the rides will be halted or swayed however there will always be a choice to continue the ride all the way.

Problems can either strengthen or break the bond that holds the relationship or marriage. For problems such as these types, it would be wise for individuals involved to choose the option of ending it in order to save of what's left of the relationship or marriage.

Starting the emotional affair recovery is one step ahead to finally breaking free from the affair and making a new start. With emotional affair recovery's promise of a peaceful beginning, making the choice to embrace it will not be so hard a decision to make.

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