Although there are many valid reasons to maintain a very frequent blog posting schedule it can work against you as well! There's little doubt your readers would like to see more great content from you but do you have the time it really takes to develop content your readers will love? Remember, we're all human, even bloggers, and sometimes, goals we set are unrealistic and can even hinder NOT help our progress!

Here are 5 'dangers' that many bloggers face by trying to develop content for their site at a rapid and regular pace!


By keeping yourself under the constant pressure of trying to frequently publish updates your readers will enjoy, you run the risk of burnout! This is NOT a reflection of personal weaknesses but rather simple human nature! Allow yourself the time to take periodic breaks since blogging is a long term process and maintaining a realistic workload will increase your chances of success!

Poor Quality

By rushing to post more frequently it's likely your research time will diminish as will the quality of what you publish! The most important stage of blogging is the time and effort you invest to develop content you can use on your site! If you cut corners in this regard, for whatever reason, the people who read what you publish will not be happy and as a blogger your readers must be kept satisfied!

Lost Subscribers

Over time the people who are loyal to your site due to the great content you 'formerly' offered will eventually stop returning to your blog! Your single biggest asset when blogging, besides your own time and efforts, is your readers! When these people stop showing up you lose not only loyal visitors but also your enthusiasm and motivation to blog! This is NOT a good place to be!

Lost Relevancy

It is inevitable that over time as you continue to rush content through the development process that you will compromise relevancy as well! Not giving yourself the time to do the proper research will compel you to publish content that may be outside the realm or scope of your blogging theme! At this point you've now placed a higher priority on simply posting frequently and have tossed quality and relevancy out the window!

Grammatical Errors

When you combine a loss of focus resulting from the haste that consumes you trying to maintain a frantic posting schedule, errors will occur! The surest way to lose your readers loyalty is by publishing posts that are riddle with all types of grammatical errors! This is a blatant reflection upon the lack of care you've taken to develop content that is even suitable for easy reading! The fact that your posting quality has also declined only further encourages visitors to not return!

Your blog posting is what attracted your readers in the first place therefore it only makes sense, the more you post, the more people you attract! Realistically however we're all challenged by the fact there's only 24hrs in each day and it takes time to develop content worthy of a second glance! Many tend to forge forward trying to update their site on a frequent basis which leads to hurried efforts and less than great content for people to read! The discussion above breaks down how over-extending your capabilities or resources when trying to create great content more frequently can actually drive people away! The bottom line here is to work within your means and capabilities since your readers are attracted to quality first!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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