Imagine being so memorable the thought of you pops up when someone sees something tied to your brand. Not only do they think about you, but they can’t help smile. Maybe it’s a phrase that brings you to mind. Or a certain kind of animal. Or an activity.
That’s some powerful branding.
Such was the case recently when I was at a restaurant and saw a picture. I immediately thought of my colleague and friend, Brian Basilico. Brian is known as the Bacon Guy.
When I see a blonde standard poodle I immediately think of Brian G. Johnson. He’s the poodle wrangler.
Anything to do with running and marathons, I think of Ruth Heidrich. Ruth is in her eighties and still participates in marathons.
Then there’s Matt Bacak. Anyone who knows him would likely associate a tattered baseball cap, shorts and a tee-shirt with his brand. Matt’s incredibly successful and yet, to look at his casual attire, you’d never guess his level of success. It’s all part of his branding.
Contrary to how we branded our businesses in the past, today you are often a huge part of your brand. In the past it was all about logos, colors, phrases, and images.
Today it goes much deeper than this.
An activity can be part of your brand. In my case, those who know me would likely mention something about animals or running.
The more people can identify something specifically with you, the more memorable you become.
Due to the constraints of the past many people have not made a conscious effort to make themselves, or something they are passionate about, a part of their brand.
With social media, it’s even more necessary than ever to be aware of what people associate with you and your brand. Every time you post something, whether it be a photo, video, comment, joke or any type of meme, you are increasing your personal brand. It’s your digital footprint.
Your brand need not be stagnant, nor should it be. Like you, your brand is ever evolving.
In today’s “noisy” environment, both online and off, the more willing you are to be unique, the more people will remember you. Of course, it’s about being viewed in a positive light, including the quality of products and services, following through on agreements, and having integrity in all your dealings. These too, are aspects of your branding.
Bottom line is that you want to be memorable. Many people are so afraid of being themselves they tend to be incredibly “middle of the road” in how they run their business.
You definitely want to make your brand memorable. The worst thing that can happen is for your brand to be lukewarm and extremely forgettable.
The best part of personal branding is this: your branding tends to weed out those who are not the best fit for you and it attracts those who are definitely a great match for you and likewise, you for them. What could be better than doing business with people you really enjoy being around?
What’s the secret to it all? Be willing to step willing to be willing to take willing to be memorable.

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Kathleen Gage is the “no-nonsense, common sense” online marketing strategist, speaker, author, product creation specialist, and owner of Power Up For Profits. She helps entrepreneurs make money online. Her clients are driven by making a difference through their own unique voice.