I knew a woman who didn’t know what she wanted to eat. Her husband would ask her, "Do you want Chinese or Mexican food for dinner? Do you want fast food? Do you feel like cooking?"

She would study his face with each word, listen to his inflections, trying to guess what he wanted her to say. "Do you want Chinese?" she’d ask him. "Whatever you want is fine with me."

Eventually, her husband stopped making suggestions. "Just tell me what you’re in the mood for," he’d say. "Tonight we’ll have what you want."

If she picked a place, then suspected he wasn’t thrilled with her choice, she would backtrack. If he insisted, she wasn’t able to enjoy her meal.

"Why can’t you just tell him what you want?" I asked her.

She laughed nervously. "Because I don’t know! I honestly don’t. Sometimes I know what I like when I’m eating it, or at least, I know when I don’t like it. But it’s like I’m so busy trying to figure out what he wants that I can’t get to my own tastes."

Does this ring true for you . . . in any way?

Remember the movie, Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere? The whole premise of the movie was that Maggie Carpenter had been so busy being a chameleon – changing constantly with her surroundings – that she had no sense of her own tastes or passions.

If this is you… It is affecting your ability to attract clients. It is affecting your ability to move potential clients into paying clients. It is affecting your ability to meet your income goals.


If you are always trying to figure out what your potential clients want and make that your offer you will only be in the business of "figuring out" and you won’t feel grounded, confident or connected to your passion and you won’t have very many clients.

If this resonates for you in any way it’s very important that we give some strong attention and energy to re-connect you to your passion and support you in knowing that you can create profit from your passion. Here are some concrete helps so you can stand strong in your passion and easily bridge it into profit:

1. Ask yourself: What is important to me? What would I give up to save?

2. Ask yourself: What touches me deeply? When you have emotion, instead of fleeing it, feel it. Even negative emotions have a positive job – they are a thermostat and are trying to lead you closer to your passion, not away from it.

3. Pull out your high-level energy toolbox – belief transformation tools, affirmations, Source- centered journaling, and, of course, energy success coaching from a certain trusted mentor! Your life’s purpose and passion is inside you – just create a safe, high-energy environment for yourself and seek it out.

The key is to take the time to tune to your energies and you may be surprised at what you discover. As I coached the woman above, she was shocked to discover that she didn’t even like Chinese food! She’d been eating it to accommodate other people for so many years that she literally had no idea.

Your EnergyRICH Call To Action

1. Sift through the "don’t wants." If you have years or decades of staying disconnected or just trying to "people please" you may have a well-engrained habit of believing that people will only want to be with you if you try to accommodate their needs. Again, this will only implode your business rather than expand your business. If you’re disconnected from your passion, then you are disconnected from your direct line to profit generation.

2. Don’t go it alone! In fact, you were never meant to go it alone. You were never meant to market by yourself. Instead, collaborate with other heart-centered entrepreneurs, and have them market for you! I have a formula that I use to create high-level, aligned, profitable partnerships in a step-by-step-come-join-us kind of way… And, I’m prepared to share it all with you! Take a look at this special video I created for you:


Author's Bio: 

Heather Dominick, is an EnergyRICH ® Entrepreneur Success Coach, with over 11 years of teaching and coaching experience. Heather's primary focus is in coaching entrepreneurs to powerfully partner inner and outer business principles for more profit. She calls this managing your energy for magnificent marketing. Her strengths include tuning right in to what's holding you back and sharing specially developed processes that move you into joyful action. http://www.energyrichcoach.com

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