Is Your Child a Bully? Aggressive Behavior to Watch For in Kids.

Does your child manipulate others for favors, and never make an effort to reciprocate? Do they have a lack of concern for the feelings and well being of others? Do they fight, steal, vandalize or set fires?

What do you do when you have tried every parenting technique in the books? Where do you turn when you can no longer communicate with your child? When tough love and co-operation are not enough to turn a rotten attitude or disrespectful behavior around.

Who & When To Ask For Help

Is this the right time to stop trying to solve aggressive behavior and call in the aid of a psychologist, counselor or therapist?

Knowing when to ask for professional help is an almost as important as recognizing the behavior itself.

So, you've read all the books, you have tried different parenting techniques. You have set boundaries that are consistently broken, then perhaps its time to get some professional assistance.

Signs of Aggressive Behavior

Some key signs to watch for in a child are an almost total lack of friends or associates. However, this sign may also be a matter of circumstances or personality. While completing research for a recent book on making friends, I found many children go through periods of loneliness or a specific social skill may not have been developed yet, so this trigger may not always be present.

Aggressive or bullying behaviors may occur in conjunction with other symptoms including drug or alcohol abuse or agitation along with depression. The biggest red flag is a lack of remorse or guilt when caught.

Unless meaningful intervention occurs many adolescents who have anger and aggression problems will have poor social skills and will have difficulty in the workplace and will interpersonal relationships throughout their lifetime. Some even end up spending time in prison.

Cyber-Bullying Online

Are you concerned about your child physically bullying others, have you ever considered that the child may also be cyber-bullying others online. Cyber-bullying has become a major concern for schools, churches, and other youth organizations.

With all the technology that surrounds us there are many ways to cyber-bully. Using cell phones is one of the many ways youth communicating, and has become one of the tools children use to bully others. (For more ways to gain insight into how to monitor cell phone use go to htt://

Early Intervention To Prevent Bullying

Parents need to recognize behaviors and seek professional help as needed. Do not be ashamed or think that this problem will go away without some intervention.

Seek out a therapist who has experience in dealing with anger and intimidation issues, and is recommended by others you trust.

Early intervention can mean help, not only for the aggressive child, but also for the children he or she may be targeting with their malice or anger. Getting help early is an important and can often mean and faster and more effective recovery.

This is a very important issue and has long reaching implications for the family, the child and the adult he or she will become. You can do this. I have confidence in you.

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