Effective CV writing is a skill that the vast majority of us don’t have. Or at least, it’s something that doesn’t come naturally to us. Perhaps that’s because we don’t tend to do it too often.

Let’s face it, unless you currently work in the recruitment industry and are bang up to date with what today’s employers are looking for in terms of personnel, then how can you possibly be expected to be brilliant at writing CVs?
But for the active jobseeker in today’s cut-throat marketplace, it’s more vital than ever to be wielding a CV that gives you a competitive advantage over the next applicant.

As a job hunter, you know if you could only get a foothold in the door, you’d be perfect for XYZ company. You’re exactly what they’re looking for. You shine at interviews. You’d fit into their current set-up seamlessly. Only problem is, they won’t see you.

In fact, when you analyse the situation a little more closely, you realise you’re not getting anywhere near the number of interviews someone with your experience/ ability/ leadership qualities ought to be. The numbers just don’t stack up. So what could be letting you down?

Could it be that your CV isn’t doing its job effectively?
Your CV is your ‘key to the door’ of your preferred employer. A good CV will win you many more interviews – many more chances to demonstrate your skills and capabilities in front of your employer of choice.

You do know that many of the top jobs are not publicly advertised? So it’s well worth applying ‘on spec’, even if the company website states ‘no vacancies’. What have you got to lose?

And even if they genuinely don’t have anything suitable at the present time, they’re almost certain to keep your details on file for when they do. There have even been situations where someone’s CV has been so impressive that the organisation has created a position especially for a particular candidate, rather than risk them getting snapped up by a rival concern.

A great CV will ‘sell’ your benefits quickly and concisely, giving you a real advantage over those with run-of-the-mill CVs.

A professional CV writer is your ally in the job hunting stakes. They will revamp your existing CV, or compile one from scratch. Either way, you’ll have a document you can be proud of. One that represents you fully and sells all your benefits to a potential employer long before you get to shake hands in the boardroom.

So don’t miss out. Get the job you really want, with a tailor-made CV that does you justice.

Author's Bio: 

Chris Jenkinson is a UK marketing consultant working and writing for Professional Career Consulting a career advice company. One of the areas the company provides resources and advice on is CV Writing.