Diet is probably the biggest problem for beginners and advanced and at the same time it is probably the biggest obstacle to success.

NutritionTry to try out some of my beginnings, when I was 16, ordered a dried white. I've read somewhere that a bodybuilder should have 2 grams of protein per kilogram - that's why I've never registered it all day. So after training in 3 d. water poured 160 g of white with the feeling that I drink it and grow as never before. Sure I did not even get mixed up and ended up in the toilet.

Over time, I began to understand that it was not enough to give good quality food after training but to keep the diet constant.

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  • Eat regularly and often

5 meals a day is the basis. If you eat regularly, your metabolism is constantly on the brink, if not, the metabolism slows down, and the body is afraid to starve again to store the energy in the form of fat.

  • Drink enough

Sufficient fluid intake speeds up your metabolism and you should take 2 - 3 liters a day. Especially during days of training, it is important to take enough fluids, but at least in the non-training days, take at least 1.5 l, which is really low. Drink mainly non-sparkling water and unsweetened fruit or herbal teas, lots of green or black tea can cause constipation.

  • Do not overeat
  • Do not stay hungry

Many women, drastically reducing their energy intake, are probably the biggest mistake. Metabolism slows down and stops losing weight. Reduce your normal caloric intake by 300 kcal. daily, you should lose weight, but not drastically. Some women who receive very few calories and have already slowed down metabolism can no longer reduce their energy intake. For them, on the other hand, it is advisable to slowly and slowly increase them to the amount they need, increasing the metabolism and then lowering the caloric intake again. Most women need to take 1500 calories. - 2000 kcal, depending on age, physical activity, and target.

  • Do not worry

You want to lose weight, so you will have to give up most of your favorite pamphlets, which can sometimes cause unpleasant feelings. But be aware that you are doing it for yourself and it is important that you feel good about weight loss. Mental well being is very important for weight loss, if you stress from every bite, and you will be afraid to add it, know it will be. Allow yourself a "free day" once a week, which means you will enjoy what you like, but of course there is a rule that nothing should be exaggerated.

I also fought with rice, better brown is naturally - so I bought it with the idea that this is the best choice. The result - nobody was eating me at home, but the worst thing was that I did not even go too far. It turned out to me that I always ate the meat and the rice was badly scarce, and my wife still wondered when I bought it when I did not like it.

So I chose another option. I have white rice, which tastes even though it has a slightly more nutritious value than brown. It is still good, even some competitive bodybuilders do not eat brown rice and have competed for some years, for example, Ján Moravčík, Tomáš Prostinák

Breakfast was my next problem.

ShakeMne never cheered in the morning, but I knew it was the basis of the day, so I tried everything possible.

Well I prefer eggs that I like otherwise, but for breakfast I had about 2, even to the strength and it was quite difficult.

In short, my stomach is not ready to take a solid meal in the morning - the so-called sleeping stomach.

Now I'm doing so in the evening soaking oat flakes, either in milk or water, and in the morning I mix them with protein. I give these flakes 100g. Always keep them warm for at least 30 seconds before mixing. in the microwave, cold in the morning is not good on the stomach. They are not the last of them. When I buy flakes, I always throw one parcel on the coffee grinder. You will actually leave a flour that you no longer have to mix and make noise in the morning. You just have a shaker or a few seconds with a dip mixer if you want.

Similarly, juice does not do well, I have acid, so I just do not drink it. And I have no regrets when reading somewhere that it would be best to give creatine from juice.

I also had a problem with editing - somewhere I read about the curd good on muscles and so cottage cheese. I immediately got into the store and bought 10 pieces from everyone with the vision "it's growing like water", but it grew up in my throat.

Now it is a smile to me when I picked up as a Czech I write a "curd bowl" at ten and my colleague wondered how I can eat it, but I was wondering too. If I did not want to be embarrassed, I would throw it away. Then I tried different flavors. At first sugar is not the best choice, later jam, Granko and the end of palatinose.

Now I mix curd together with protein in the shaker and drink it like a drink - I put water into the shaker, not milk.

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