Do you think your dog is pregnant? Are you planning on using a canine pregnancy test kit to find out of your dog is pregnant?

Determining whether a dog is pregnant or not can be quite challenging, more so for inexperienced animal breeder and new owners. There are many factors one would need to consider before concluding a dog’s pregnancy.

The pregnancy term of a female dog only lasts around two months, where most dogs remain pregnant for the time of 58 to 66 days. This is a relatively short gestation or pregnancy period, which is why it is possible that you miss some of the early pregnancy signs of your dog. It is crucial that you pay attention to your dog’s habit, as well as the physical characteristics and notice any changes to be able to recognize the pregnancy. Timely identification of your dog’s pregnancy is also essential because it will need appropriate care and feeding for the duration of pregnancy.

Most people find it hard to detect in their dog, especially when they are inexperienced. However, when pregnant dogs may get a bit lethargic due to the hormonal changes their body goes through. When pregnant, the dog’s teats or nipples would become enlarged; it usually becomes more evident during the third to the fourth week into the pregnancy.

Around midway of the

ir pregnancy, dogs often lose their appetite; this can be another early sign of pregnancy that owners may notice. Not necessarily all dogs will experience loss of appetite, but if they do, it would be around the third week.

It is quite common for pregnant dogs to be less active during pregnancy. At any given point in the gestation period, you might notice your dog spending more time resting; it may even seem like she is depressed.

Around the fourth week into pregnancy, most pregnant dogs experience increased vaginal discharge. If your pregnant dog suffers substantial vaginal bleeding during the early or the middle part of the pregnancy, make sure you contact veterinarian help.

For obvious reasons, a pregnant dog would experience an enlarged abdomen, as puppies are growing inside her. In the middle stages and the later stages of pregnancy, the distended abdomen is the most visible sign that your dog is pregnant. Around forty days into the pregnancy, your dog would have about 20 to 55 percent extra body weight due to the pregnancy.

The visible signs of pregnancy can be beneficial for positive detection of the pregnancy, but it is not always that easy. For a definite answer, you will be required to use a canine pregnancy test kit at home or visit a veterinarian clinic for the pregnancy test. If you are a new owner, you may not be very comfortable using a home pregnancy test, in which case you should visit the veterinarian.

However, if you have some experience and if you are fine with collecting a blood sample, then home pregnancy test kit can be a good option for you.

Furthermore, no matter how good you might be in understanding the visible signs of pregnancy in your dog, it is always better to confirm your finding with a pregnancy test kit. Besides, many pet owners are too eager to wait till they visit the veterinarian to find out about the pregnancy and they prefer using a home test kit.

If you see signs of estrus phase, it means that your dog has conceived and it pregnant. However, we also need to consider that some elements may interfere in conception and what may look like a definite pregnancy, may still be a false alarm.
In case you don't want to increase your dog’s chances of conceiving, you should have her mate when she has her estrus phase. This phase usually occurs between the 7th to 10th days of menstruation.

A Canine Pregnancy Test Kit

Today, pet owners have many options when picking a pregnancy test kit for their dogs. However, many veterinarians recommend using a test kit that takes into account the hormones, such as the pregnancy test kit by Witness. It measures ‘relaxin’ hormone levels present in the serum and plasma samples of your dog.
Moreover, the large amount of relaxin hormones present in the bloodstream is considered an early sign of canine pregnancy.

This pregnancy test kit detects the relaxin hormones in the samples collected, after the 22nd to 27th day from the insemination of the egg. It can provide an accurate result with even a small blood sample of your dog and would give instant results.

Furthermore, this pregnancy test kit can be handy, as it helps detect an early pregnancy, pregnancy before or after abortion, and false pregnancy. Lastly, with this test kit, you no more have to worry about false positive results.

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