Hair loss is an extreme inconvenience and embarrassing for many of us. The tragic hair loss can be very difficult to handle due to reasons like autoimmune disorders and hormonal imbalance. Hair replacement is one of the most common ways to overcome such hair thinning conditions. If you are considering a non-surgical hair replacement technique at Hair Spa UAE, you must also know that how you can take care of your hair replacement system in varying weather conditions.

The summer season can be very challenging regarding your hair and skin. A special hair care routine must be followed in order to keep your mane away from the hazardous of burning sun. However, who has recently undergone a non-surgical hair restoration technique should be very careful in maintaining your hair health.

Just like winters, summer season affects your locks due to overexposure to the sun. Your hair Replacement starts to dry out and one can suffer from severe hair damage. Exposing your head to the sun can fade away the shade of your hair and make it look dull and brittle. There are certain tips which help in maintaining your hair replacement system:

As going under the sun activates sweat glands as a result of which it produces excessive sebum in your hair. When sebum and sweat come into contact with each other makes your hair roots weak and can cause of a lot of itching. It is recommended to avoid going under the sun especially during peak times. However, covering your head with a hat slows down the severity of hair damage due to ultraviolet radiations.

Washing your hair with warm water extracts all needed moisture from your tresses so, it is better to clean your hair and body with relatively cold water. It helps to avoid sweating and creates a strong bond between your replaced hair pieces and your scalp.

Swimming is a healthy exercise but the water in pools contains a lot of chlorine which can destroy your whole hair replacement system. Deep hair conditioning treatment is the finest solution to this problem. Just apply Tricomax Deep Conditioner before entering a pool as it acts as a protective layer of your hair and reduces the severity of hair damage.

Applying nourishing shampoo and conditioner makes your mane stronger and less prone towards damage. You have spent a handsome money on non-surgical hair replacement but your carelessness can damage your hair replacement system.

Using colored hair care products are best suitable for dyed locks. It maintains the shade of your hair by enhancing its shine and volume. However, if you don’t have significant knowledge about the maintenance of the hair replacement system, you can have a confidential consultation at Dubai Hair Spa.

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