Ever doubted yourself and your gifts? Well I have. In the course of my awakening journey, “my shadow or my dark side’ showed up several times. My dark side that tells me that I suck, that I am not good enough, that I don’t deserve to be successful, that I am not qualified to help others, that I should keep hiding, not shine, stay quietly in my corner and play small.

Let me offer you a new perspective. Let’s say that your ideal client, let’s name her “ Lisa”, is in the desert dying of thirst and waiting, begging, dying for someone to bring her some “water”. She is thirsty, she wants “water”, and she would be so grateful for someone to bring her some “water” so she could LIVE. Let’s assume that you happened to be in the desert and had a gallon of “water”, would you give Lisa some “water” to save her life or would you let her die?

Of course you won’t let her die! And here is another question, would you worry about what you look like, how you are dressed, what you say, what other people in the desert would think or say? Would you think that you are not worthy or deserving to save Lisa’s life? Would you rather let her die so you can keep hiding in your corner and refuse to share your “water or divine gifts”? No you won’t!

So here is a question: why are you doing it in real life? Why are you letting your ideal client die of “spiritual thirst”? Why are you letting them down when they need you? When they are waiting for you to rise up and shine, to share your gifts with them? To stand in your divine creative power as the goddess you are and change their lives for the best? To give them hope, to open up possibilities for them, to show them the way to success, joy, abundance, peace, harmony, prosperity, love and kindness.

The truth is that you are brilliant, you are amazing, you are GOOD ENOUGH, you are worthy and deserving. Your gifts are highly desired by the ones that you are called to serve, believe and trust that they will hear your call, that they will answer your call when you truly and genuinely believe in yourself first .The work starts with you, you must take care of yourself, believe in yourself, you must love, cherish and value yourself.

Rise up and lead for a higher purpose, you are a spiritual ambassador and everything that you do matters, every life you touch, every soul you inspire, every smile you share and every good deed you do contributes to the collective consciousness of the universe.

You can make a difference because you have a purpose to fulfill, we are all meant to participate to the expansion of the universe. Embrace your calling, be your best self, love yourself and your “Lisa” will show up when you stand in your power and are ready to lead her on her journey to her dreams, to her purpose, to the life she is truly meant to live.

Now the question is, what are you going to do in the next 24 hours to attract your ideal client? No matter how small it is, do it, take the first step to attract your Lisa like “bees to honey”. Leave me a comment and let me know what your first step is. For some of you it might be taking the time to describe what your “Lisa” looks like, the demographics (age, location, income level, occupation etc…) and the psychographics (what she likes, what she is seeking for, what she reads, what she loves, where she hangs out , what and how she thinks etc…) and remember to be very specific.

Love and Gratitude

Marieme Faye

Author's Bio: 

I am the Wealth Creation Coach for the Evolving Women Entrepreneurs who are ready to breakthrough their financial limitations and create true wealth standing in their power, living their purpose and creating possibilities.