You know, I still get mad when I think about the thousands of hours we spent at school, and yet we were never taught about success in life. Remember the ongoing joke at school where you would be working on some crazy math problem with brackets and you know (x + y)/z etc. And we all knew that its application in the real world was zero! Or when your English teacher tried to teach you how to “subjugate a verb”!

The saddest thing of all is that when you are an adult, you begin to realize that TIME is the most precious resource we have, and a lot of our precious time was wasted by the school system.

I can’t even remember one hour of my school days where a teacher said:

“Okay today we are going to learn about how to be successful in life, how to achieve to the best of our ability, learn how to find joy and contentment, learn how to contribute and make the world a better place, find out what our passions are, and learn how to create the life of our dreams.”

Heck, we were never even asked to think about these things!

I recently surveyed THOUSANDS of people on their 7 critical Lifestyle choices.

And here I am going to tell you what we all should have been taught in school:

The Six Pillars of Success and Lifestyle

If you only watch one 5 minute video this month – make it THIS ONE! It reveals the six pillars:

I have spent countless hours researching and reading about success and achievement; and interviewing successful people. I have personally interacted with literally hundreds of people on how to “Create the life of your dreams.” I did a degree in psychology in the eighties and ever since then I have been fascinated by why some people’s lives are full of energy, joy, success and achievement and some people fall short of their potential.

The good news is that MOST people want to make positive change in their lives.
The bad news is that few people actually know how to effectively go about making it happen for them.

Because I am interacting with people all the time, I see it and I hear it every day… too many people are not taking hold of their lives and not succeeding the way they want to.

I suppose it isn’t surprising… like I said, we were never taught these principles at school or anywhere else.

And because of that… some people are making huge mistakes with their lives that are going to result in a life of mediocrity or worse…

This is the critical thing – you can achieve WAY more success than you think.
Your life should be an EXCITEMENT MACHINE that inspires you and those around you. You should have TIME for all the things you really want to do. You should have the ENERGY every single day. You should experience joy, satisfaction and great feeling that comes from contributing and giving back.

I have recorded a short 5 minute video that outlines six fundamental Pillars of a sensational life. These Pillars are used by ultra successful people like Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Oprah, Tony Robbins, Walt Disney etc. Watch it now:

I have only touched on the six pillars in the video but my new book “Creating the Perfect Lifestyle” goes into much more detail. In fact my book has 65 chapters dedicated to setting out how to build you life on these six pillars.

Every success as you build your life – but which pillars will you build upon?

Oli Hille

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Oli Hille is the author of the Amazon #1 Bestselling Personal Development book “Creating the Perfect Lifestyle” which was reviewed as the “Must have book of the century” (by Midwest Book Review, USA).