Blocked fallopian tubes account for a large proportion of the causes of female infertility. Because fallopian tubes differ from the uterus, it is difficult to see their appearance at ordinary times, so many women fail to prepare for pregnancy. They go to the hospital for examination and find their Fallopian tubes blocked.

Although females can get fallopian blockage for their reasons, if it is not congenital fallopian tube malformation, the blockage is still related to men.

The following reasons of blocked fallopian tubes are related to men:

1. Women have frequent abortions and improper nursing

Abortion does a lot of harm to women's health, and much of the damage of frequent abortion is irreversible. For women, it will hurt the uterus and cause repeated abortions to block women's fallopian tubes. Especially after each abortion, if the nursing is improper, the bacteria enter the body and cause secondary infection to the fallopian tube, which leads to blocked infertility.

2. Menstruation or intercourse before and after menstruation

Having sex during menstruation is also essential for female fallopian tube blockage. Sex during menstruation and within three days before and after menstruation is not suitable. At this time, bacteria can enter women's bodies, causing gynecological inflammation, endometriosis, and even fallopian tube blockage due to infection.

3. The other half doesn't pay attention to hygiene

Many women pay great attention to health, but in terms of both sexes, paying attention to health alone cannot avoid illness. If your partner ignores hygiene, it will also hurt your body. Once the bacteria enter the female body, it will increase the probability of fallopian tube blockage.

As for fallopian tube blockage, in addition to men, some personal habits of women at ordinary times will also have a significant impact, such as not paying attention to exercise and often sitting for a long time. It will lead to poor blood circulation and fallopian tube blockage. Secondly, if you prefer to eat junk food at ordinary times, it is easy to cause hormone disorders in the body, affecting both the fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Modern medical research shows that in terms of many infertility factors, infertility caused by oviduct factors accounts for about 45% to 55% of the total infertility population. Fallopian tube blockage accounts for about 40% - 60% of female infertility factors.

Fallopian tube blockage seriously affects women's reproductive environment. Therefore, patients must formulate a correct treatment plan according to their condition. If there is a problem of inflammation and infection, patients can choose the Fuyan Pill, a traditional Chinese medicine. It is helpful for the treatment of fallopian tube blockage and helps to improve the blockage caused by acute inflammation. And it can increase the chance of natural pregnancy in patients.

However, if it is conducive to the blockage caused by congenital abnormalities, it is generally treated by combined hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. While taking drugs, women should adjust their diet and avoid spicy and stimulating food.
However, no matter your choice, you want to get a healthy and smart baby. Choose the most suitable treatment according to your specific situation and your doctor's advice.

Pay attention to the following points if you don't want the fallopian tube to be blocked.

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene, wash reproductive organs frequently, and change underwear frequently, especially before and after sex.

2. Avoid having sex during menstruation, after abortion, and puerperium. The body's resistance is low, and the cervical tube is not closed in time. When having sex, the male reproductive organs will bring external bacteria into the vagina and ascend into the uterus through the cervical tube, which is easy to cause endometritis, salpingitis, and other diseases. Severe inflammation can cause fallopian tube blockage.

3. Take contraceptive measures to avoid abortion and induced labor. During the operation of the uterine cavity, if the aseptic operation is not strict or the postoperative maintenance is improper, it will increase the probability of infection, resulting in fallopian tube blockage.

4. Patients with inflammation should be actively treated, especially appendicitis. Inflammation will spread to the fallopian tube, causing the fallopian tube lumen to narrow and eventually block.

5. Also, improve your physique, especially after induced abortion, menstruation, or delivery. Women should pay attention to strengthening nutrition, eating more nutritious food, actively participating in physical exercise, improving their immunity and resistance, and reducing the probability of disease invasion.

Warm tips: For females who have been married for more than one year, have a regular sex life, but have never been pregnant without contraception, they can go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination to rule out fallopian tube blockage. If it is infertility caused by fallopian tube blockage, they must actively treat it and never let fallopian tube blockage block their good pregnancy.

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