Do you dream of a more fulfilling life? Is your ability to see yourself where you would like to be less clear as time progresses? Do you think that other people are "lucky" when you see them following their dreams?

It is often said that visualizing a dream is the most powerful method of manifesting it. However, much of today's lifestyle works to weaken our imagination and dreaming abilities.

With the advent of television and cinema, something changed in respect to the way our minds worked. Instead of creating mental pictures about the characters in a story, we are shown in graphic detail absolutely every last detail of the protagonist and their character.

Do you watch a lot of television and films? Do you spend long hours on the internet or play station? Often people who distract themselves from life in this way find it hard to really know what their passion is because there is a disconnect between their head and their heart. It is as if their imagination has been curtailed.

We are all brought into this world with the skill sets and the characteristics to fulfill the lessons we have agreed to learn. Many of our interests and passions are in line with our life purpose and we can choose to listen to our inner guidance or ignore it.
However, because we are spoon fed by the media and the television, it becomes increasingly difficult to hear ourselves over the wall of fear. Much of the media and news promotes the idea that we live in a really frightening world, and that bad events happen all the time. This constant message keeps us in a really small place, fearful of anything, let alone being able to follow our true path.

If you find it difficult to visualize or dream about what your heart desires, a suggestion would be to switch off all electronic devices and sit down quietly somewhere to meet yourself inside. Evidently, for those who have just come from a place of constant external stimulation, this will be a very challenging task.

However, in the quiet of your mind, try to get in touch with the part of you that knows. Learn to listen, and think back over the subjects that have always fascinated you, the people who have inspired you, and the dreams that you had as a child.

Life is a choice. Either you can spend the rest of it sitting in front of a distraction, or you can start to live with passion and joy. Why choose to do something that does not inspire you? The choice asks you to be brave and not lazy, but the rewards are truly living as opposed to existing.

Written by Caroline Nettle

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