In this 3-part series I am challenging executives to use this year to get motivated and take ownership of their career goals. In the past few weeks I have populated the first eight months of the year with ideas and strategies to further career plans.

Here are the last four months in this series.

September – Are you being called in for interviews? Have you taken a look at yourself lately in your interview attire? September is a good month to take advantage of retail clothing sales. A new suit of clothes can help your self-esteem. Also don’t overlook your shoes, belts and other accessories. You want to present as a 110% executive model.

October –When was the last time you fine-tuned your interviewing skills? Partner with a trusted friend or career coach to practice. Interviewers today ask more than just the standard questions. You may be tested on your responses to behavioral questions, or judged on your body language and facial expressions. Be prepared and practice, practice, practice.

November – In the beginning of the year I mentioned a career audit to identify areas in your career that need attention. At this point in the year, it is a good time to do a self-review. What areas do you need to work on? What strengths need to be developed? What are your performance reviews telling you? Are you satisfied with you?

December – The more successful executives take time this month to review the results of their self-review in November, and then create or adjust their career action plan. Since December is one of the highest layoff months of the year, you can be prepared with a game plan for short-term or long-term career advancements.

Well, you’ve made it through the year! Have you figured out what you need to do or be to achieve success in your career and content in your life? I hope this series has been helpful. Sometimes we just need a nudge or a new idea to get started. And maintaining motivation throughout the year is vital to your success.

Author's Bio: 

Award-winning, certified executive resume writer and executive career coach, Louise Garver, is President of Career Directions LLC. Louise is a career/resume expert for numerous online career sites and professional associations and is featured in 30+ books internationally. She has an 18-year track record of success in providing the tools executives and professionals need to achieve results in their job search.