Having anxiety can many times also mean being angry, annoyed and can make you think that the entire world is basically out to get you. So when you see someone doing wrong by you, is that just your perception of what is real?

It's really easy to get caught up in a negative method of thinking where anxiety producing episodes can stem from pure annoyance of what people around you are doing. And since you have anxiety, you already know that your thoughts can be a little distorted when it comes to what is happening Vs. what you think is happening in your private world.

Say you are out at a store and someone is taking much too long in line. Or maybe driving the shopping cart on the "wrong" side of the store. You become annoyed, likely get angry and very likely become anxious at the simple thought of this wrong-doing by a stranger.

They should obviously know better, right?

Not if they are playing by their own rulebook. You see, there is no set of rules for life that everyone must follow. Some people drive their cart on the "wrong" side of the store, some people take forever in line, and some people put on their make-up for much too long at a stop light.

They never signed anything that said they would play by your rules did they? They aren't trying to annoy you at all...how could they? They don't have any idea what your set of rules for living life are.

Think about it from their point of view. If you didn't know what rules they thought you should be following in life, how would you ever be able to live up to their expectations?

The point is that there is too much anxiety, frustration, anger and annoyance in the world because we think that others should be living a certain way. There is not a universal set of rules for the grocery store, manners or anything else that you may think other people are terrible at.

Having an anxiety disorder is very hard on its own. When you start becoming anxious because of what other people do, when they have the total right to do it, you are just creating anxiety that you certainly don't need.

You could spend the rest of your life thinking everyone else is doing everything wrong, or you can do things right by your personal set of rules. There is very simply not a single other thing you can do to try and control that situation.

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