Prostatitis is a common male disease. Patients with prostatitis will be particularly painful, and there will be abnormal urination, sexual dysfunction, waist pain, and other symptoms. People should get active treatment according to the type of disease to choose targeted treatment.

Some men have been treating prostatitis, but they can not get a cure. They may have made the following mistakes.

1. Do not have an examination before treatment

Prostatitis is a very prevalent disease, especially in middle-aged men. But many patients with frequent urination, urgency, and other symptoms think that they are just urinary tract infections. And then take medicine without going to the hospital for examination. The signs were not relieved, but more complications appeared, which aggravated the difficulty of treatment.

When patients have symptoms, they should first go to a professional hospital for examination and diagnosis before treatment. Antibiotics are very effective for bacterial infections, but take medication blindly may produce drug resistance or bring other side effects to the body.

2. Stop treatment before it's cured

Prostatitis itself is more difficult to treat, especially chronic prostatitis, which needs a relatively long treatment process. Many patients with prostatitis see their symptoms relieved, think that their disease has been cured, and then blindly stop treatment. In fact, prostatitis was not cured at all, and it broke out again in a few days, even more severe than before.

3. There is no symptomatic treatment

There are three main types of prostatitis: acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, and chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. Different types of prostatitis need different treatment methods, and there may be other places in the medication. If you do not know the kind of prostatitis on treatment, there will be no good therapeutic effect.

Most doctors prescribe antibiotics, both bacterial and non-bacterial prostatitis. However, due to a series of internal and external factors, such as drug absorption channel blockage, metabolic channel blockage, and nutrition channel blockage, it is difficult for antibiotics to enter the prostate. So, the drug efficacy can not fully play, resulting in repeated delay.

At this time, the effect of traditional Chinese medicine will be better than antibiotics, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It contains herbal ingredients that can penetrate the prostate, dredge, and block the channel to give full play to the efficacy and eliminate symptoms and causes. And it can improve the body's resistance, reduce the possibility of recurrence.

4. Excessive psychological pressure

Prostatitis brings many discomfort symptoms to men. If men can not achieve treatment immediately, it will let men appear a lot of mental pressure. Too much mental pressure will have an adverse effect on treatment, so it isn't easy to get good feedback. If the feedback is not good, it will further affect men's mental health and produce some destructive emotions, which is equivalent to a vicious circle.

5. Ignore daily life habits

In addition to choose the proper treatment, good daily life habits are also crucial if you want to cure prostatitis. Men should avoid hurt the prostate during the treatment. For example, have a light die and avoid some spicy and stimulating food in the treatment process. And do not sit for a long time, do not have irregular work and rest, do not have frequent sex, and so on.

In addition, patients with prostate disease should pay attention to smoking cessation, non-alcohol, and strengthening exercise in daily life, which is conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease. Patients should not overwork and pay more attention to rest. Appropriate training can not only enhance their resistance but also promote the recovery of the disease.

The treatment of prostatitis can not be successful overnight, and men must have sufficient patience. At the same time, they should have a positive and healthy mental attitude during treatment to carry out the proper conditioning in life to cure the disease quickly.

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