Once the chemistry starts to dwindle in the relationship you may start to wonder whether there is a way to get it back. Is there a way to spark the fire again or are you doomed to be without chemistry for the rest of your relationship?

Fortunately there is a way to develop that chemistry again, it just takes some work. Falling into a rut of the same old relationship patterns can cause you to lose the excitement you once had and force the chemistry between you two to become stale and boring. But that doesn’t mean that the chemistry has left the relationship completely!

Learn What Chemistry Really Is

This is some great relationship advice! You may think that chemistry is a physical connection that the two of you have together, and in part it is, but that’s not the only reason chemistry exists. Chemistry starts in the brain. You mentally like the way your partner is looking, feeling, acting, talking, treating you, or even smelling and that creates the chemistry between you.

It’s just like when you first met. You liked the way they treated you and the way they looked at you turned you on. These reactions from you are because of your brain, and the way you perceive their messages. Once you view the way they look at you as annoying, for example, your brain perceives that action as something negative instead of something that produces chemistry.

Rebuild Your Connection

Keep your bonds strong and always work on rebuilding them. Being connected includes having mental connections like your goals and dreams. Being connected also includes spiritual connections like your beliefs and ideas of life. All of areas of your life should be connected on some level in order to feel close to your partner. If you have lost those connections work on rebuilding them now.

Laugh Together!

Laughter is really the best medicine when it comes to rebuilding a connection. Laughter relieves tension in a relationship and allows you to bring down your guards. It can have you seeing your partner in a new, softer light and can allow you to listen to relate to and listen to your partner without being defensive.

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping!

Studies have proven that exciting events cause people to find each other more attractive. It doesn’t matter if it’s an enjoyable adrenaline pumping activity or a scary one - either way you are going to view the people around you as more attractive and possibly even sexually arousing. This is great for couples losing that connection!

Don’t Hide Things

If you find that you hide things from your partner or don’t fully disclose things to them then you may feel a sense of detachment from them and lose the once trusted chemistry. That’s because you are acting as though you can’t share with your partner, which means there is a REASON you can’t share. Maybe not trusting them, or wanting them to know, or even caring if they know - whatever the reason it WILL create distance between you two and cause you to lose chemistry in the relationship.

A good example, even though it was a movie, is Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They hid things from each other and soon found themselves losing that once passionate chemistry that they had in the beginning, but once they were able to share their true identities their connection instantly rebuilt itself!

Mix Up The Physical Chemistry

Kiss here, touch there, and…done. How does that keep the spark in the relationship alive? Or right - it doesn’t!

You have to mix it up a little instead of getting stuck in the same old boring routine. If you are having problems introducing new physical activities in the bedroom then you may need to open the line of communication in your relationship to a more intimate level. Talk it out, tell each other what you need and expect, and get busy trying to get excited about your physical relationship. It will require effort but it will be worth it in the end.

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